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Oh Haiyo! I love Saturdays, as always.
No more craps, just read my outing blog post now. TEEHEE.
Went Pavilion with Natalieyong today to watch The Green Hornet. (EH, JAY CHOU IS ONE OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS!) If you're a die-hard Jay fans, you would definitely like this movie! Baby Jay is really daring. He tried to speak understandable and eloquent English to impress people. Good job my dear! You did it! (: Will write more reviews about this movie later!

Had lunch at......Sushi Zanmai? NAH! No Sushi for today because I had sushi yesterday. So, today we opted for Madam Kwan. Ordered Chow Kway Teow as our lunch. Omgholycrapshit! The portion was too big for me and I couldn't finish it because I was full.

Since we had some leisure time before movie, we had Coco-Loco at Snowflakes! I miss the taste of it.

We're like promoting this!

Okay, time to comment about the movie.
The movie was, um, grosses me because of Jay lol. The movie was kinda humourous with some lil' jokes. So it's not considered as a whole action movie. I love the Black Beauty! I mean, the car with awesome features lol. When Jay spoke English, I was like, OH CUTE!! Yeah, he is. WHO SAYS JAY IS NOT GOOD IN ACTING? Watch this movie before you criticize him! Poor Natalieyong was shivering inside the cinema because she didn't bring a jacket lol. (Next time, remember to bring your jacket or sweater to Pavilion's cinema lol.)

After movie, WHAT ELSE? Of course Chatime! It's so unusual not to drink Chatime when we go Pavilion. LOL.

Konichiwa! Watashiwa Jessica Des! :D

I want my longer bangs. (:

We wanted to go back at about six something but unfortunately, it was raining that time. With no other choices, we continued to wander in Pav. Natalieyong was busy searching plugs for her phone. HAHA, finally it's her turn to find the plug. Remember last time I always mention about this? My BB listens to me now and has a longer battery life span! Finally, we went to The Times Book Store. Natalieyong wanted to buy reference book. At that juncture, I spotted a very kawaii restaurant inside the Book Store. It's called Food Foundry. The restaurant sells great and tasty crepes!! OHMYGOD.

Vanilla Mille Crepe. I'm loving it wth!

The decoration there was so lovely. (:

Natalieyong and I. I love her shirt. :*

Hello (:

In a nutshell, I love today. Oh god, I have to complete all my homework tomorrow. Wishing everyone to have a happy Sunday! kthxbai.


P.S. Xinqianho followed us to Pavilion today too! Photos are in Nat's camera. (:
New photos added.


  1. I love Saturday too! :D I miss having Snowflake and I never try Chatime yet ):

  2. I love nat's shirt also :D

  3. yeah.. i love saturdays.. best time to relax.. :)

    for jay chou.. i think he is quite expressionless.. but still, nice act from him :)

  4. pity I was working yesterday. But yeah love saturdays!! :)

  5. I spend my saturday with two final exam papers. =(

  6. you can go out again, jealous....xD