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2nd post of March

Since today is a Friday, I will spare some time to update my bloggie!
Hello readers out there! Konichiwa! I should really blog more because apparently readers only visit my blog when I have a new update. *sad* If you ever noticed, I had added some churpchurp ads beside my blog. Do you mind helping me to click on it? *winks*

Okay so, the first semester of school had ended! It's the time now for everyone to have a break. Um wait, did I really mean a "break"? Ridiculously, form4 students will be sitting for our monthly test after school holidays. omgholycrapshit! In this case, I couldn't hang out much during this holiday because study will be my favourite pastime. HAPPY-STUDYING-HOLIDAYS PEEPS!

During this holiday, I MUST pore over all the subjects to face the examinations. You know, there are a lot of things for me to remember. I have to memorize the formulae of Physics and Chemistry. History is totally a disaster for me.The History test only covers two chapters this time, sounds easy? DEFINITELY NO. Two chapters can already bring me to death! Why must we suffer like this? ): For Add Maths, I have to train myself to complete the exercises in a short period as we wouldn't been given extra time to do during exam. For now, I still don't know the format of a BM test. Wtf, how am I going to confront this exam! Okay instead of groaning here, I shall go to study now right?

By the way, if you were alert of the milieu of the world always, you would definitely know about the massive 8.8/8.9 magnitude quake which causes devastating Tsunami to Japan. The drastic earthquake are raffling Japan, sabotaging many buildings and killing the homo sapiens! According to twitter, Tokyo Disneyland's parking lot is submerged in water now. All the visitors of Tokyo Disneyland are being evacuated because of the earthquake. As you know, Tokyo Disneyland is such a fantastic tourist attraction spot! Many people are trapped inside as the water level is increasing. Oh God. Pray for Japan! May everything will be safe over there!

Google's alert: Tsunami Alert for New Zealand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, and others. Waves expected over the next few hours, caused by 8.9 earthquake in Japan.
P.S. I really love Malaysia because our country is free from natural disasters. Therefore, we should be grateful and appreciate what we have now. Once again, may God bless Japan.


  1. yes..... bless japan..
    no more disaster to our world pls....

  2. I didnt know can add small icon for churp2 ads into blog one! Yeah, we are really lucky to live in Msia. Pray for Japan, Asia and the whole world ):

  3. Maro: Yeah! God bless them!
    Hilda Milda: haha, actually it's simple to add them into your blog. Yeah, that's why I feel proud to be a Malaysian.
    Cassy: yeah. :(

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  5. God bless Japan! Love your last photo too.