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50 facts about me.

If you play twitter, you should know #100factsaboutme is trending now at twitter. Since I'm so lazy to post one by one at twitter, so I decided to blog about it. But wait, I will only write 50 facts about me because I can't think of ONE HUNDRED FACTS! That's too much for me. Good, here's an update again then hehe. If you LOVE me, read this!

1. I always love myself.
2. Family is the ones I couldn't live without.
3. I'm seriously in love with Jay Chou.
4. I always feel invigorating by Jay's songs whenever I feel sleepy.
5. The first thing I do after waking up from bed is, check my phone.
6. I have short-sightedness.
7. I'm short.
8. I have a chubby face.
9. I have small eyes.
10. I'm a sushi lover.
11. I like talented and handsome guys.
12. Although I like guys, I saved beautiful girls' photos in my phone.
13. I wash my hair every day.
14. I detest people who are cocky.
15. I can't live without Internet.
16. I love photography.
17. I only order Roasted Milk Tea with pearls at Chatime.
18. I love blog-walking.
19. I dislike sports.
20. I abhor smokers!
21. My favourite shopping paradise is Pavilion.
22. I like people who have their own distinctive style.
23. I like TopShop.
24. The bitch-est thing ever for me is PMS!
25. I love surprises.
26. I wish to travel around the whole world with my boyfriend.
27. I love boys who keep their face clean!
28. I love the feeling of completing a tough question without being helped by others.
29. I can read a magazine I like for many times without getting bored.
30. I love casual wearings.
31. I wish to speak eloquent English with an English accent.
32. I always complain about my dark circles!
33. I love my long-sleeved uniform in school.
34. I love all kinds of music.
35. I can play a piano.
36. I'm a straight person who calls a spade a spade.
37. I'm a demanding person.
38. I check Twitter every 5 minutes.
39. I can be emotional for no reason sometimes.
40. I hate people who aren't punctual.
41. I love Fridays.
42. I like to sing while taking shower.
43. I dislike alcoholic drinks.
44. I always think positively.
45. I'm afraid of insects.
46. I'm afraid of big dogs.
47. I believe in miracles.
48. I collect nice paper bags.
49. I love kawaii accessories.
50. I love Green-tea ice-cream!

NYAHAHAHA. Yes finally I completed this! Maybe I will write another 50 facts about me next time! taadaaa! Oh yes, exam is just around the corner, need help in my pure Science subjects ahhh!


  1. u canreally list out wat u like.. salute! haha

  2. We sure have some similarities! Nice paper bag and green tea icecream (;

  3. u look great! jess~ following u too =)

  4. awesome ! you didi it! 50 ! ! know about you ^U^

  5. good one, jess. hhmmm... maybe you can try listing your top 50 dislikes? hehee

  6. Kelly: Haha thanks! Try it too!
    Yennie: Hello! :D
    Ronald: Haha thanks! :D
    Keikei:thanks sweetie!
    Rascat:Thank you!
    Jamiey: Whoa! Nice idea! :p
    Venusa: Thanks! :D

  7. hahaha,u know urself very well! Btw,I like handsome guys too :)

  8. Its like a guide for a person to know u first before getting to know u.. interesting.. :P

  9. it's wierd because you didn't put anything about justin bieber..xD