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Thank God the week is done, I feel like a zombie gone back to life, back-back to life~~ ♪♪
Yeah Hello people! I'm finally back to blogging. Oh, my blog looks so boring with no updates. I'm gonna revive it nowwwww!

Thank God the exam week is done. I can finally take some rests after the exam week. I dislike examinations. It's like a restless nightmare for me. You know, form4 syllabus is far more harder than PMR. Oh wtf I suddenly feel that PMR is actually a piece of cake...To all my dear form3 friends, appreciate your form3 life now and enjoy it to the fullest. You will foresee the disadvantages in future if you don't study well during form3. (;

Okay so now..hmm..should I blog about my exams?
My sixth sense warned me to be cautious for my Physics and Add Maths because I might fail the two subjects!! ); Wtf wtf, Add Maths is specifically the overwhelming atomic bomb for me. I only wish I can pass the test! I don't need an A for it but a PASS. This is my first time aiming for such low-marks results. Apparently I always aim for A's. Add Maths is the worst test I ever had in my entire life. Wtf. I felt very nervous when I can't get the right answer for every question and I had to spend more than 10 minutes for ONE question. When I got nervous, I forgot all the formulae. Shat. Seriously I was running out of time or I should say I have no ample time to complete all the questions!! I'm gonna salute to those who scored an A for Add Maths, sincerely I am. Chemistry is far and away the easiest subject for me. Oh, do not forget English too. ;)

I never thought that the Tom&Jerry tale will appear in the Physics test. There was a question, asking us whether the rat can eat the cake or not and whether the rat can successfully run back to its hole when the cat chased it. Wtf how would I know!! Then I thought of Tom&Jerry. Jerry is always be able to run back to its hole, so I answered yes for the question lol.

Okay last but not least, if you are hunting for new café, you should try on #FramesCafe, Sunway Pyramid. Frames Café's burger is best known as the BIGGEST burger in Malaysia. Try and challenge it! For more information, please kindly click on THIS link.
(Okay actually I hope you guys will click on the link lol. Please please, help me okay? LOVE LOVE. ♥

EH WAIT. I forgot to say that I actually love March very berry cherry much!
Jay's concert
had enlightened me. Yeay I still remember it was on 4th of March (FRIDAY)
I felt so pleased that daddy subscribed BIS for me~ Yeay for my BB!
I finally got a new camera which I named it Baby Five!
I finally got the high-waist pants that I desired intensely for. Thanks mummy.
I received my earnings from says yeay! My first income hoho.
Thank God the first-semester-exam had ended, cheers! :D

Hope April will be a better month for me and everyone!



  1. Good luck in Add Math & Physics :D

  2. All the best! I fail my add. math for the first test but managed to pass after practicing a lot :) Physics, all you need is to understand the concept.

  3. Good luck girl,I passed my add maths once only,heh.. :/

  4. All the best yea!! :D My add maths was really lousyyy. lol

  5. When I took my Add Maths way back (8 years to be exact), all that was really needed was to plug in the formula and factorize the equations. I was aiming for at least an A, but I ended up with a B.

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