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Outing+Show Luo's Encore World Tour

OH YEAH BABY! My Saturday was really awesome. Qian, Cassy, Jwoyin and me celebrated Natalieyong's birthday in advance yesterday. Took quite a lot of photos and I had to resize them one by one because the picture is LARGE. So I hope you guys will enjoy reading this post!

Birthday girl!

Hello, which shoes you would like to choose?

The lovelies.

The one who always looks innocent. :p

Here we come, come with me~~
Went for a karaoke-session at CEO, Fahrenheit 88.

Assorted mini cakes!!

A variety of gastronomy.


This salmon is freaking scrumptious with the cheesy sauce!

Picture 139
Japanese style Terriyaki Rice.

Picture 137a
Lamb chop.

Picture 140
Our beverages.

Picture 142

Picture 143

Picture 145
Is this pose looks familiar to you? YES. It's from KenjiWu's 没关系 MV.

Picture 146

Picture 147

Picture 148

Picture 150
Like a G6.

Picture 151
So, we're obviously Jay's die-hard-fans.

Picture 155
Natalie's GF2 is pretty amazing.

Picture 156
Spokesperson of Natalie's GF2 LOL.

Picture 157

Picture 161

Picture 159a

Picture 162

We really had a great time during the K-session. We sang for more than 200 songs. Most of them were Jay's songs lol. After K-session, we went to Pavilion for chatime and snowflake. WHEE.

Picture 163

Picture 164
Vanilla Mille Crepe from Food Foundry. Holy, is this food from heaven?!

Picture 165

Picture 167

Picture 168

After having a light dinner at Madam Kwan. Mummy and I went off our journey to Show Luo's concert. We took LRT to reach there. Holy shit, we went to the wrong platform and forced to go back to station Chan Sow Lin to reach Bukit Jalil. I was really nervous as I scared I failed to collect the tickets from the Nuffnang counter. LUCKILY, Siawching helped me to collect them first! THANKS SIAWCHING! Without her help, I think I will not be able to enjoy Show Luo's concert! We reached there at about 8.05p.m. We were not panic like before because many people were still standing outside the stadium, I dunno why were they standing outside since it was already 8.05p.m. LOL.

The guards were really strict. CAMERAS ARE STRONGLY PROHIBITED. Luckily my clever mama hided my babyfive inside the bag, covered with my jacket. After we entered the stadium, many people started to wave their light stick, screaming Show Luo's name. My tickets were RM168's. When I was sitting far far away from the stage, it suddenly reminded me of Jay's concert! How I wish I could be at the VVIP section just like during Jay's concert! But it doesn't matter lah since the tickets are sponsored by Nuffnang. THANKS NUFFNANG!

Picture 175

Picture 180

Picture 182

Okay, the concert was supposed to begin at 8.00p.m. but it was delayed until 8.30p.m. When the concert begun, people started to take photos. Then the plump security guard banned us from taking photos. He warned us if we still take photos, he will confiscate our cameras. WTF. Screw you. I dunno I should say he's a very responsible guard or a BRAINLESS one.

Show sang quite a lot of slow tempo songs. I'm not a huge fan of him so I just knew how to sing a few of his songs only. He's so charming and humorous. He purposely spoke broken English like, "Why you no.....stand up please~" Actually he was trying to say, "Why you didn't stand up?" He also made a lot of hilarious expressions. Aww, he's such a cute pie. He looked completely attracting when he danced. SHAKE IT MAMA SHAKE IT. The concert ended at 10.30p.m. What a short one!! It's only 2 hours!

In a nutshell, 罗志祥一万零一夜安可大马站好看惨了!(HAHA This is what he told us to write on blogs, facebook walls and weibo!) Bye bye Show Luo, hope to see you again ASAP!

Thanks Nuffnang for the tickets. Nuffnang is awesome!



  1. love this day, thanks you girls! ♥

  2. owh.. i can see that was an awesome outing :)

  3. Hmm,wow. i like it. the food make me hungry.

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  5. U are so cute...i like....huhuhuhu

  6. looking happy today,,,nice

  7. Your outing is always so happening with your bunch of girls :D Btw, congrats on winning Show Luo's tickets!

  8. wow where you gals sit? =P well my friend beside me kena warn by guard oso . . . haiz sad max . . .

    but if buy the tix that sit on the ground floor will get media pass lo =)

  9. waa why NN so nice giving tix?
    CEO seems nice!i wanna sing k i wanna sing k i wanna sing k D:

  10. Kian Fai: rm168 zone lol.
    Kuro: Hehehe! That contest abt tweeting one. Go sing! Its price is reasonable!

  11. ic.. u r the gal sit in front of me..you all seem very enjoy d

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