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I got a new mission.

Random photo of the day.

Heeello. I'm carrying out a mission impossible. Okay, should not say I'M CARRYING OUT. But I'm still thinking SHOULD I carry it out or not. Okay first, I show you something very seductive first.

My dream phone.

Maybe many of you had already owned it.
Maybe many of you had got bored of it.
Maybe many of you thought it's something uninterested to you anymore..

Sometimes, I just couldn't stop starring at it. I don't want to stare at it ONLY. I WISH to own it in the flesh. Here comes my avarice. Sometimes I thought myself, "Why the hell I bought a Blackberry instead of an iPhone? I should have picked iPhone for my PMR reward!" I'm not saying BB is the worst phone I ever had. Nonetheless, I'm bewitched by iPhone's alluring design, tempting graphics and the endless applications.

This morning, my mummy suddenly discussed a issue with me. The issue is about ME, MY BROTHER AND MY DREAM PHONE.

Fact no.1

My mum knows that I crave for an iPhone.

Fact no.2
My mum hopes my brother gets better results in his PMR exam.

Fact no.3
My mum wishes me to teach and help my brother out in his studies.

Try to conjoin all the points together, they are actually connective. The points actually tell you that, if I teach my brother, make sure he chalks up better results in PMR, then I will get an iPhone4 as a reward. (Of course, my brother will get his reward too). THIS SOUNDS EASY LA RIGHT. Actually it isn't. It's something risky.

My mum will buy me an iPhone4 first.
My mum wants me to agree on paper in black and white to promise her that I WILL carry out my task.
If I'm being like new brooms sweep clean and stopped teaching him after I got the iPhone, she HAS the right to confiscate my iPhone.
What's more,
If my brother fails to get at least 5A's, she will straightly POSSESS the phone and I HAVE TO PAY ALL THE EXPENDITURES MYSELF.

When I realized how insecure this task is, I chickened out of carrying it out. If I succeed, I'll get the reward. If not, I'll be six feet under. It's such a sink or swim scenario. OKAY. SO if I really wanna accomplish this mission, I have to persevere, persevere & PERSEVERE until my brother's PMR ends..

I'm in a dilemma.

Okay, I think I need your opinion. Let me wind up this post now and wait for your comments. *winks*

P.S. My stomach is grumbling....for......



Off to have my dinner first! Bye! ;)


  1. awesome.u'll get a iphone4!

  2. wah if you brother fails to get 5A . . . . > . <

    Good Luck gal, add oil!

  3. Camy: But I have to bear the consequences lol.
    Kain Fai: YEA. Can die already. ):

  4. Gambateh! Do really want that Iphone? and Is your brother good in his studies?

    I love IKEA's food :)

  5. did the same thing to your brother, tell him if he didn't get 5A, your iPhone paid by him LOL *evil me* iPhone really cool leh! :D

  6. haha~i want a iphone too~ but is iphone 5

  7. LOL, envious. So what about your bb? Become secondary phone? LOL