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A random photo. ;)

So hello people! My exam is going to an end soon. Will be taking Chemistry Paper2 tomorrow. After that paper, it's HOORAY time! I felt sick of memorizing those Chemical Formulas. {Oxide Ion O2- Fluoride F- Chloride Cl- Potassium K+, etc.} Which part of it seems interesting? TELL ME!

Another crap I wanna share today is about my dream last night. The dream was so ridiculous, yet it was the sweetest dream I ever had. The dream begins like this....

As you know, JayChou is filming in KL right now. (If you were a follower of my twitter, you would definitely know how desperate I am to meet him!) Okay, so one day, after Jay's filming, he was surrounded by a gaggle of fans. That time, I was in the car with mama and suddenly I passed by the crowd. I was shouting in the car, trying to persuade mama to stop the car and let me catch a glimpse of Jaychou. But mama resisted. So I could just rolled down my tinted windows and witness him from far away. I felt despair. But at that juncture, Jaychou boarded up his black limo. His car was then just BESIDE ME. HOLY. Then I quickly screamed his name through the window, and I can see him waving to me. I screamed again, he waved again. I could see his cool smile and his OMG-SO-DAMN-HANDSOME face. I'm freaked out to see Jaychou waving at me. Then, MY ALARM RANG. *POOF! The end of my dream*

Okay what the hell, then I awoke. The dream was still etching on my mind. I shook my head and realized IT WAS JUST A FEVERISH DREAM. I'd even thought of how to write a blog post about how I met Jaychou in that dream. LOL! Apparently, Jaychou and blogging are my passions. They even appeared in my dream. HOLY. THIS IS SO SENSATIONAL. I wish Jaychou will show up in my dreams again. Guess I'm too obsessed with him oh god.

As a reminder, IT WAS JUST A DREAM. LOL.

All of a sudden, I'm craving for.....



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  1. I actually love Chemistry in high school (: my second fave after Biology hehe have fun studying and yay you can go have sushi and dessert after your exam or on Saturday (:

    All the best for your last paper!

  2. Hilda: Haha! Biology and Chemistry both required memorization! Thanks!!

  3. chemistry sucks... my favourite subject of all-time is add maths hahahaha

  4. haha sushi ka? =P dun eat too much sushi, choose something cooked hehe

    I am Art Stream so I dunno chemistry XD

  5. awww, it is just a dream.. I love chemistry last time, until the level of matriculation. Hope you pass your exam in distinction :)

  6. aww! so many sushi! *i want too!* =)

  7. aww!! desserts!! I'm craving for that too! :D anyways, congrates for getting the weekly blogger! :D

  8. congrats for getting the weekly blogger! support support!

  9. Albert: WAO so you're really pro in add maths!
    Kian Fai: Don't you think sushi is love? x)
    Qiwen: Thanks heh!
    Snowman: Let's have it someday!
    Eminey: Yaaa desserts make me happier heh! Thank you!
    Anonymous: Thank you for you support! LOVES.