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Blogger here I come again. Haven't been blogging for days and I'm feeling really guilty and sorry for you guys who visit my blog every day and still viewing the same post all over again lol.

People often said it's better to suffer the pain first before doing something fun and I think it's fully describing my situation now. Hong Kong trip was something really fun and my PIANO PRACTICAL EXAM is THE BOMB. Oh great. Who called me to have fun first. I have no more fun now but excruciating pain. #justexaggerating

Well. Actually I shouldn't be so scared right. So far I never failed any of the practical exams and I remember I passed my Grade 6 exam with distinction. (Just a way to comfort myself) Actually I'm worried that I would fail my aural section because first, I suck at listening. I didn't really know how to differentiate the keys and notes wtf. My piano teacher often scolds me how could I don't know the basic things. fml. My mum is being so considerate and she called me to act like Jaychou during my practical exam hahaha. Well, I just hope to be like 10% of Jaychou then I would be pretty satisfied. So tomorrow I have to follow mummy to pray at the temple lol!!

QUICK. I just want the exam to end faster.

July is really a busy month. One trouble follows another. Prefect's election is on next Monday and prefect's annual dinner is just around the corner. Not to mention, exam is like super near too. AND AND AND, LOUD FESTIVAL FALLS AT JULY TOO. Till now I haven't grabbed myself a pair of concert tickets to Loud Festival and nobody is willing to sponsor me. #despair

Despair me is going to bed now. Nights!


  1. Till now I only had two practical exams, and I failed one. Too bad for me. But since you got distinction, you will do great, GOOD LUCK. ;)

  2. Good luck babe (; you can pass this exam with distiction again and Let's sit for the next exam for diploma with me. gambateh

  3. hey ! can i know how much for your burberry bag and nike sneaker?! :D

  4. Damien&Qian: Thanks!
    Anonymous: Burberry bag-4300HKD
    Nike sneaker: around 4oo+ HKD hehe.