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Hong Kong Trip-Chapter One

Oh helloooooooooooooooooooooo people! I'm back from Hong Kong! Did you guys miss me or not? Reached my house at 11.00pm yesterday. I'm still feeling exhausted after the trip lol! So, I need you to read each and every word I typed. You know I spent a lot of time on resizing and uploading and thinking of what to write haha.

Event: Hong Kong Trip-Chapter One
Location: Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.
Date: 27.06.2011

On that day, we woke up at midnight (about 3.30a.m I guess) to dress up and head to the LCCT airport. It'd been years since my last flight. I seldom travel! I remember I went to China when I was only 3 years old. I couldn't remember everything about that trip! So, I was so ecstatic to know that mummy is bringing me to HongKong haha! Oops, I'm running out of topic!

Okay so, we reached the airport at approximately 4.30a.m. I wasn't feeling tired but EXCITED! Had Mcd as breakfast. Then, we boarded at 6.15a.m.

While waiting for boarding & this is my look right after I woke up lol.

So I traveled with Aunty Mun, my cousin sis and mama.

On the plane!

So, I received a lot of greetings from my friends, wishing me to have a pleasant trip. Thanks guys!

After the four-hour-long flight, we finally reached Hong Kong. The first thought that crossed my mind was, AHH!! HONG KONG HERE I COME! LOL.

Walking to the check-in counter.

My pretty cousin sis.

The MTR service in Hong Kong is super duper convenient!

We checked-in at the BP International Hotel which is located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. The time we reached there was 1pm if I'm not mistaken. Unfortunately, they can only provide a room for us after 3pm. We had no other choice but to leave our luggage in the hotel and wandered near our hotel.

We went to have our lunch nearby our hotel. We were so hungry that we could swallow an elephant. Oh excuse me I'm exaggerating. Well, as we were not familiar with the place, so we randomly entered a restaurant to hunt for food. As what I expected, the restaurant is small and narrow, unlike Malaysia's spacious restaurant. *appreciating*

Iced lemon tea and nai cha.

I don't really like the servants. They have a hostile attitude and like to rush everything like ordering & billing. Okay well, maybe they're too busy or impatient? Their food was only so-so, it's worse than my mama's cooking!


Got ourselves Mcd ice-cream cone because the weather is too hot! I'm forced to tie my hair like this because I don't have a comb that time fml! I'm supposed to wear my contact lens too ahhhhh but I left them in my luggage. Urghhhh!!

So we're at Hong Kong!!

Chow Tai Fook is like HK's significant shop. You can see their branch in EVERYWHERE.

The street with all branded shops.

HK is undoubtedly true to be called the SHOPPING PARADISE.

We're in front of Harbour City, a shopping mall with ALL branded stuffs!
Can you spot Chanel & LV behind me?



We felt so excited when we found H&M. I don't know why we can hardly find it! Thanks to the people who showed us the directions to H&M. Okay, H&M is damn awesome. The apparels selling there are all so dirt cheap! We spent almost three hours inside the shop!! *so kua zhang right.* We're almost going crazy when we saw many nice and cheap dresses. Mama and Aunty Mun were even crazier than me lol.


Waiting for the women outside the shop. You really can't imagine how insane they are.

Had our dinner at the Food Court. The yummy grilled beef with rice.

Tall buildings all around Hong Kong.

Day 1 just ended like this. I couldn't believe we can shop for the whole day. Day 2 is more interesting, so stay tuned!



  1. +1 ! Hungry la by looking at the Grill Beef Rice :)

    And pretty photo :P

  2. HK looks nice! umm... could you get a close up of that MTR ticket card?

  3. Walao! The food picture really makes me hungry.. Haha nice photos too

  4. I wanna seeeeeee what you bought from H&M :P

  5. KianFai: Haha thanks! :p
    Philip: The streets are actually very busy. Let me find the MTR card out first! ;x
    Damien: Haha thanks.
    Eunice: Thanks Eunice! :D
    Hilda: Meh! let me snap some photos of them to you. ;p