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Loud Festival Malaysia 闹哄哄音乐节

Event: Loud Festival Malaysia 闹哄哄音乐节
Date: 30.07.2011
Venue: Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil


There are many reasons why I like to attend a concert.
1) The artist
2) For fun
3) To rock

So practically I've got myself 3 Loud Festival tickets this time. WOOHOO. Natalieyong won a pair of RM328 ticket so she offered me one. Then I also won myself a pair of RM238 tickets from Starplanet so due to my kindness, I gave them to my brother and my mum lol. I knew brother would be very excited because it was his first time attending a concert and most importantly he got the ticket for free lol.

I was on cloud nine when I knew I fulfilled my wish,i.e. getting free Loud Festival Concert tickets! You know, for destitute student like me, couldn't afford to buy expensive concert tickets. It's not worth buying too because this concert is NOT mainly about my idol Jay Chou.

Yeay man I'm feeling lucky. These are the concert tickets I won throughout the year.

So back to our main topic. We took the LRT to reach our destination, luckily we weren't late! Then we met up with Natalie. Some photos were taken before entering, lol it's a must right.

The concert started at about 8.15pm with local singers as opening guest, um god, I've forgotten who is the local singer oops. Okay well, then the concert officially begun at 8.30pm. The first artist to perform was SODA GREEN.

I was really enchanted by the design of the stage. The lightnings, design and everything were damn awesome & glamorous.


Non-stopped colours changing of the stage!!


The first band to perform. I wasn't really amused by their performance because I don't know their songs and there was NO LYRICS on the projector. #shortcomingnumber1. The songs they performed are 《狂热》、《他夏了夏天》、《无眠》 、《无与伦比的美丽》 and《十年一刻》. I guess I only know 《无与伦比的美丽》 lol.

温岚 Landy Wen

Landy was the second artist to perform. She was really sexy, I LOVE HER HAIRDO!! After she performed a few songs, she asked the crowd whether she could take off her little white jacket or not in Malaysia. OMG she was hilarious indeed. All of us screamed. The songs she performed were very high too. She successfully brought everyone to the stage of EXCITEMENT! The songs she sang included: 《热浪》、《D.I.S.C.O》、《蓝色雨》、《祝我生日快乐》、《傻瓜》. Oh yeay man, I know how to sing her hit songs! The moment everyone singing 《傻瓜》 was so touching!

袁咏琳 Cindy Yen
Sadly, not many people were acquaintance for her songs. When she performed, the crowd left their seats and went to the washroom. I wonder will she feel miserable to know about this? However, she still exerted her utmost effort to sing the songs. There, she sang one of her latest songs, 《尘埃》. In order to attract the audiences, she performed "Love The Way You Lie" Part II. Among all the artists, she's the one who can speak eloquent English. Good job!


WHOOHOO YEEHAAA. After waiting for more than one hour, finally, IT'S TIME TO ROCK WITH JAY CHOU!!! I'm really glad to know that EVERYONE is actually WAITING FOR JAY CHOU'S TURN. HAHAHAA. It might be a little cruel to other artists but no offense, Jay Chou is the main reason why I attend this concert! Without Jay Chou, I think the attendance of this concert was you know,quite disappointing.

The stage! Spot the "coffins"? The dancers jumped out from there lol. What I found interesting was the dancers were wearing a purple T-shirt with Jay's surname 周. *damn cuteeeee*

Photos from XiaoXuanZi.
Okay for Jay Chou, it's needless to explain how agitated the audiences were. Everyone was like waking up from a nap when Jay performs. Haha I saw a lot of tweets saying that they were feeling sleepy, please call them to wake up when Jay performs. Oops, a little cocky & sarcastic, weren't they? Haha! The first song which Jay performed was 《本草纲目》. AHHHH, it'd been a time since I listened to this song.

Jay was so humorous that he changed the song lyrics in no time, no wonder he could make everyone loves him so much. He said: "我好像前阵子才来马来西亚喔?之前拍戏大家一直看我在街上跑步,还在有名的shopping mall跑来跑去,希望这部电影能吧大马的景点推给世界!" He also never forget to entice everyone to watch his new movie next year!

BEATBOX, PIANO & GUITAR. Hey, who else can do this?! JAY CHOU. He played Turkey March in a very lightning speed, um, more than vivace I guess. Besides admiring his piano skills, I love the way he plays the guitar too. Damn romantic okay. The songs he performed were 《本草纲目》、《说好的幸福呢》 with piano、《青花瓷》 with beatbox 、《免费教学录影带》、《最后的战役》、《双节棍》 & Encore piece: 《屋顶》 with Landy Wen. He also thank his fans for supporting him ever since he became an artist. So he changed some lyrics of 《最后的战役》, "出道十年,你们一直支持我对不对,会继续支持 我吗?" LOVELY! There are no reasons why should I stop loving & supporting him. He's just, way too awesome. I was feeling really touched and impressed by him. During the song 《双节棍》, he called everyone to stand up & rock with him! YEAY MAN. This is what a real concert called! Then he said, “对啦,这才叫演唱会嘛!” For people who didn't stand up and rock, WHY SO QUIET LOL!

Memories about the concert, especially Jay's perform, filled my head. One of the shortcomings of the concert is the DURATION. The concert was so short, not even 2 hours. *tears rolling out* When can I meet Jay Chou again?

Encore song 《屋顶》, video by vvens.com

P.S. MORE videos are coming up soon! STAY TUNED!


  1. Wa u won so many tickets this year! Envy u!

  2. I also wanna win ticket... but i didnt.. sobs.. :'(

  3. You always win tickets one! So lucky :P Not forgetting JB's concert too hehe

  4. envy envy! can see jay chou!! >.<

  5. no wonder so lucky you are, you have a same surname with jayjay.

    wishing you have a happy pre birthday for you.

    hooi (honda_nsr21@hotmail.com)

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