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To people who think I'm perfect

I thought after everything is settled down, my life would be as smooth as ice but it isn't. July is full of ups and downs. As I said in the previous post, one trouble comes another. People think that I'm impeccable but I ain't. People think that I won't make any mistakes but nobody is perfect & I never claim that I am. People think that I must be perfect in both academic & sports but I have my own weaknesses, I can't be absolute in everything. People think that I'm strong but they don't know how weak I am deep down in my heart. People think that I'm a God but I am just an ordinary human-being. Even God makes mistakes, so do human-beings.

Somehow, people still expect me to be the best because they think I can. Somehow, they can't seem to see what have I done, what have I sacrificed & what am I thinking. Somehow, they only see my imperfections. Somehow, they only know I did something wrong & I seemed don't deserved a second chance. Somehow, they just don't appreciate me or maybe US.

God is fair. He creates so many kinds of people. There will be no beggars, no poor people, no robbers if everyone is perfect. If everyone is perfect, everyone would want to lead and conquer the world. So do you think it is possible? Comparisons are odious, so please don't compare me with others because just like what I said, everyone has his/her own perfections.

I have feelings too. I may be emotional sometimes but I always reminds myself to be optimistic. I always try my best to cheer people up when they're down but there's nobody beside me to comfort me when I feel morose. So this is my destiny? Sometimes my brain could be malfunctioning & I'm waiting for someone who automatically finds me to ask me whether I'm okay. So I'm that kind of person who needs comfort too. Staying too strong, struggling too hard and determining too long could really kill millions of my cells but one little word from you could brighten up my day.

Yiwei, 唯一叶.
Thanks for accompanying me when I'm sad. Thanks for reminding me to smile every morning. Thanks for comforting me when I need you. Thanks for cheering for me during the prefect's election. Thanks for sharing the best way to motivate myself, (aha! she posted all the songs lyrics by Jay to me & interpret the meanings to me.) Thanks for everything. I could never ask for more but I promise I will cherish you in my entire life.

Things changed.
People leaved.
Memories faded.
But always remember that life goes on.

功成名就不是目的 让自己快乐快乐 这才叫做意义。
Jay chou.

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