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I love boys who...

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Last blog post was published at 19th of August. I have not updated my blog for almost a week. I was not busy as I manage to online every day but when I try to approach Blogger and make an update, my mind went blank, like thoroughly blank. Going to school is my everyday routine so that means I only can hang out during weekends. Hari Raya will be starting next week which means WE WILL HAVE A BREAK YAYYYY. School holidays, here I come!

Sorry for being random.

Blogging inspiration for this post comes from Twitter when everyone tweets about what do they like BOYS to do.

So I would like to share some of my thoughts too about what I like BOYS to do. Let me begin with "I love...."

#1. Boys who are honest.
#2. Boys who take silly pictures with you!
#3. Boys who acts silly just to make you laugh.
#4. Boys who play piano. yeay.
#5. Boys with broad shoulders.
#6. Boys with gentle attitude.
#7. Boys who love you more than he loves his online games.
#8. Boys who coax you when you're mad.
#9. Boys who get worried when you don't text back.
#10. Boys who are taller than me.
#11. Boys who are not afraid to admit they miss you.
#12. Boys who hold your hand and play with your fingers.
#13. Boys who has a little jealousy.
#14. Boys who don't smoke.
#15. Boys who love cleanliness.
#16. Boys who are smart.
#17. Boys who have fashion sense!
#18. Boys who are loyal.
#19. Boys who keep their promises.
#20. Boys who will wait for you no matter how long they have to.
#21. Boys who know how to sing yay.
#22. Boys who smile often.
#23. Boys who are cute.

Share with me about which type of boys do you like and what you like boys to do! ;)

P.S. I've got an Instagram account! Please follow me @JessicaChaw! Yay me lol.


  1. please don't have too high unrealistic expectations towards guys la

  2. basically a "boy" from a fictional asian TV drama lol

  3. But so nice le~~ I wan boys like that too =3 LOL

  4. That's Gay boy who have all dat.. Ho ho ho ho.. ^_^.v..

  5. #1. Mostly I am
    #2. I don't mind to take with the girl I like
    #3. Used to it
    #4. Fail
    #5. Give me some time to train
    #6. When I'm not angry
    #7. I no play on9 game,haha
    #8. Boys FORCE to,no choice
    #9. If not worry that boy not love you
    #10. 183cm,what's yours?
    #11. That's sweet,I miss you
    #12. Why not you play mine?
    #13. Boy can get jealous easily
    #14. I hate smoker
    #15. Every boy need to improve
    #16. Everyone claim themself are smart guy.
    #17. I think I am
    #18. Basic requirement in a relationship
    #19. Almost
    #20. Start from boy to men,our duty
    #21. FAIL
    #22. I am SunShine Boy
    #23. Boy don't like this description

  6. I love tall boys with braces and probably play the drums? HAHA but I love my bf the most :P

  7. Ken: Yup!!
    Your Humble Servant: hahaha! Please don't be so mean. These are expectations from every girl. ;p
    Toninkush: You got that point,especially in Korean dramas haha!
    Cutebun: But where can we find this guy hahaha!
    Aki: Not necessary he's a Gay. :p
    Sky: Whoa! Looks like you think you are the perfect guy? Haha!
    Hilda: YAY!! I love guys who play drums too! :p aiya, I know you're sweet, you sweet pie. ;p

  8. Jess. I had this list of expectations once, and I can tell you, what you ask for, ain't gonna happen :p seriously. HEHEHE. but maybe some of the criteria's will meet. just don't worry, you're pretty. there's bound to be a good man for you :)