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Malaysia Education Standard

Life after exam: Idle.
Okay people always say we should do extensive reading, do more revision, study diligently to prepare for the up-coming tests. I'm not the kind of person who studies for the whole day without leaving the book after exam. (I would do this during exam week lol) But practically, I'm getting really sluggish. I think I should get rid of this bad habit so that I could get more A's in the up-coming examination. Talking about A's, I'm not satisfied with the NEW government academic system which enhances the marks of getting A- and decreases the marks of the passing grade. Last time, we could get A- if we score 65marks and above but now we must score 75 to score an A-!!!!!! People who get 30 marks below considered fail. God. I used to get straight A's in all the subjects (except for Add Maths and Physics) but because of this darn system, I only scored a few A's in the monthly test we sat for a few weeks ago. OK. Is this system GOOD or BAD?

This system is good.
Why is it good?
-Enhances students' academic standard.
Malaysia's education standard is way too low compared to other countries, for instance, Singapore, our neighbour country
-Motivates the students
Perhaps students like my classmates and I are afraid to score B's so they would work harder to score A.
-Enhances the proficiency and efficiency of teachers.
Teachers will be carrying a cross on their shoulder to teach and make sure students get higher marks in exam.
-Increases reputation of school
If most of the students score 75marks and above in every subject, the average marks would be higher and the results will be sent to the government and thus increasing the rank of school.

This system is bad.
Boo yeah. "This system is bad. This system is such a damn" Well, this idea often comes from students' mind like me too. I used to score A easily because I'm always at the border line of A- (68-70marks) in weak subjects. Nevertheless, I have to work harder and study smart to reach my target.
-Increases the pressure of students
Studying sticks to student's mind. The fear of getting scores lower than A leads the student to study 24/7. Students are pressurized.
-Negative effect on weak students
There are two types of weak students.
1) The ones who are only aiming for PASS. 2) The ones who intend to score higher marks but fail. Some students exclaimed that they can pass even by just folding their eyes when answering the exam paper because the level of passing marks has been decreased so they think it would be very easy to pass. Due to this reason, weaker students will not work harder because PASS is only what they're aiming for. Next, weaker students who actually study very HARD (Not study smart) but they still couldn't achieve their target would eventually give up on studying because they think there's no use for studying so much as the level of getting C or D or E is higher than before.

In conclusion

This system has its advantages and disadvantages but it all depends on the student himself. If the student wants to score A, let me repeat again, WORK HARDER. If the student wants to continue his idle and uncompetitive life, go on because you guys are all welcomed to PASS easily lol. No discrimination okay. So after writing this post, I knew where my heart goes: Work harder Jess. Don't disappoint yourself and your parents.

P.S. This post is written with all the personal opinions from my heart, let me reinforce, No DISCRIMINATION okay kthxbai.