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Videos for Malaysia Loud Festival Concert 2011

I really don't know what happened to Youtube, or maybe what happened to my Internet connection? You really can't imagine how disappointed I am because I have tried to upload the Loud Festival videos to youtube for MORE THAN 3 DAYS FML. Excuse me like seriously, what happened? The videos are only about 2 to 4 minutes each, not long at all right? It's loading like snail wtf, okay or maybe not loading at all. I'm tired of waiting anymore, can anyone help me?\

So initially I wanted to update this post after all the videos are being successfully uploaded to youtube but sorry I can't wait anymore. Sharing is caring, I wanna share to you guys unhesitatingly hahaha. Oh another thing I have to mention is about the video quality and distance from the stage. It's quite far and the quality is not really good too but I think the you guys can still be able to listen and watch the performance.

[I apologize if my screams annoyed you lol but I just can't resist to scream for Jay.]

Landy's Wen 《热浪》

《本草纲目》 The first song by Jay!!

BeatBox+青花瓷 By Jay Chou!

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  1. EHHHH. i think you're suppose to resize your videos too. High resolution quite slow to upload :)