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A little bit of grumble.

Depressed. On what?

The final exam.
Sat for our first paper - English today. I guess paper 2 was well done but I think I didn't do well in the continuous writing. I have ran out of inspiration that time. I hate myself for not doing extensive reading. And you know what, the title I chose to write is about reading too. I mentioned that reading plays an important role in my life so we must do read extensively. I think I really should practice reading English novels after my final exam ends.

Lack of interaction with a cheeky lady.
Doomed. My life is disrupted by this lady. She is so senseless and inconsiderate. She never appreciated people who worked for her. She's a control-freak. She wanted to conquer the whole world. She doesn't listen to people's advice. She trusts nobody but only herself. She is arrogant, bossy and barbarous. She does not change even though she knew people around her detest her. She thinks that everything she did was right. She thinks that people would obey her by threatening people with her freaking loud voice. She's rude as she called people useless and act as if she's the most useful and mighty one wth. She wants to be prestigious. She has Melancholia. She feels depressed when people didn't inform her anything, even some trivial matters. She decides everything herself and look down on people. She even criticized her partner, saying that she has no rights to decide something on behalf of her. She has a really abhorrent and hostile attitude. Everyone of us tried to cooperate with her but her heart doesn't want to. She's a hypocrite. She likes to complain on things, even it's just a minor problem.
In a nutshell, nobody likes her, I feel sympathized with her. Too bad that mirror can't tell her what's wrong with her. Aww! Tell me, what can I do to help you?

Not going to reveal who's the lady because people around me know who is she. :)


  1. Your exam just started? All the best for your remaining papers then (:

  2. Something to point out:
    It's wrong to say that she wanted to conquer the world because her heart of conquering the world is still there, so it should be " She wants to conquer the whole world"

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