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Just wanna blog.

Up for blogging at this hour! Hello! I usually sleep at 10.30pm, so it's kinda surprised that I had the feeling to blog now.

PMR had officially begun. My brother is sitting for this government test this year. However, I think I'm the one who feels nervous. Ya, I'm actually feeling nervous for him because I don't hope that he fails any subjects. And if he failed any subjects, I would lose the chance to get an iPhone wtf evil me lol!! Actually this is not the main motive la.

He'll be sitting for his English and Geography test tomorrow. I've imparted my geography answering techniques to him lol. As you know, Geography is actually a easy pie. I remembered how I felt when I was doing this paper last year during PMR. The feeling was like, gosh, it's so damn easy! Feeling fly like a G6. So I scored 57 out of 60 that time. How I wish form 4 subjects are as easy as form3's. It's so hard to score A+ for form4 subjects now. Sigh.

So, due to my final exam, I would've missed a lot of funs during this holiday week. No outings would be allowed. Ya I'm grounded at home to study. I'll make sure that I fully utilize this freaking week to pore over all the subjects!!

I just realized that I seldom use my Baby five (dslr) nowadays. I started to complain that it's bulky and hard to cam-whore wtf. Maybe after exam, I'll learn and enhance my photography skills! Alright stay tuned please! :p

Good luck again to all the PMR-sters! Keep fighting! :D