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Why I like blogging

Blogging has been a part and parcel of my life since 2 years ago. Why blog when I have so many things to do out there? This is probably the question you wanna ask me. Now I'm going to tell you, the reasons WHY I BLOG.

Firstly, blogging is my hobby.
I love blogging, anytime and anywhere. Whenever there are something I wanna share, I blog, even though the post contains just a photo or a few sentences. Everyone has his own hobby right. I don't think blogging is time-consuming but it actually brings me a lot of benefits.

Benefits I gained through blogging,
1) Improve my English Language. I usually blog in English because I think blogging helps me to train my writing skills. Practice makes perfect. I love using new English words that I learned to write my blog post. This is probably why some of my readers told me that my blog contains a lot of bombastic words which they didn't know. (Not trying to show off lah but I think everyone loves to learn right) I would greatly appreciate if someone tells me about my grammar mistakes so that I can always LEARN and not repeating the same mistake over again! ;)

2) I acknowledge so many bloggers since I joined Nuffnang. Nuffnang is a great community with great bloggers. I remember how they welcome me when I first joined them. The bloggers are so affable and they constantly comment on my blog post which gives me a really warm and touched feeling. You know, I thought the world out there is materialistic. If you're a newbie, nobody will bother you because people likes to grovel or only treats famous bloggers well. BUT THIS IS WRONG. UTTERLY. WRONG. The bloggers I met are all so amicable and nice! They allow me to join in their conversation and all. That's why I'm now part of them despite the distance of age between us. (You know, most of them are older than me heh!)

3) Satisfaction. Nothing else would make me feel good other than SATISFACTION. I'm a person who enjoys satisfaction very much. I love it when my lovely readers give positive comments on me, regarding my fashion sense, my photography skills, my language proficiency and everything. Haha, not forgetting to mention, they praise about my mum and my friends too. See. It motivates and increases my enthusiasm towards BLOGGING. Nobody likes to be ignored and I intensely hate to be ignored. However, all the lovely bloggers and readers didn't eliminate me from the community.

4) A good place to confess. My blog is definitely all about what am I thinking. If you could sense whether I'm in a good or bad mood through my words, congrats, you're an avid reader of my blog. I was a bit doleful last month and I vent out my feelings here. My blog is also a good place for me to confess anything. Sometimes after I blog about the huffy setbacks that I encountered, I feel, yeah, more comfortable. At least there's a place to vent out my feelings!

5) A tool to keep abreast with the milieu of the world. Seriously, if I didn't blog, I wouldn't join Nuffnang, if I didn't join Nuffnang, I wouldn't know Churpchurp. Man, this is such a phenomenon. You'll get more and more surprises through blogging, definitely a good hobby right. Churpchurp isn't a place for you to earn rewards only. When you share the campaigns, you'll know what's going on with the latest trend because the campaigns are always UP-TO-DATE! They share with you about the latest gadgets, contests and new-discovered products.

6) Precious moments being recorded. Specifically true. My blog is just like my online journal. It stores all the precious moments and memories. If I wanna recall back how do I look like during form2, yeah, I would just have to click on the archives and view my older posts. Taadaa! There's it! I'm sure that people can see the change in me when they view my older posts. Blogging gives me the eternal memories that I would never erase. How? In my mind, I always think of Jay Chou, when I think of Jay Chou, I think of his concert in Malaysia during March, when I think of his concert, yeah, I will think of my blog post about his awesome concert in Malaysia. I believe that people love to view that post too because that post is the HITTEST and the-most-read post in my blog. See. Memories recorded. :D

7) Learn mutually. Actually, I did think of why some bloggers can be so famous. I think most of you recognize Cheesie or Chuckei right. Oh god, both of their nicknames start with 'C' too. I discover that pretty bloggers get famous easier lor. LOL. As you can see, Singapore's bloggers like Dawn Yang and XiaXue. They're all pretty girls. So I think, if I wanna be a famous blogger like them, I should......doll up and be prettier wtf. LOL. Actually beauty isn't the main factor of them getting famous. They have their own distinctive style in dressing up. So people can learn how some fashion tips from them! So tell me, what can you learn in my blog? (I know, nothing can be learned right...sobs)

8) The freedom. Woohoo, talking about freedom, blogging is obviously not a job. I can blog whenever I want. It's not like schooling, it doesn't set limits to you on how many posts you should write a week or which particular words couldn't be used in your post and all. When you feel like blogging, just blog. Write what you wanna write as long as you think it's right. Yeah. You can seldom get this type of freedom from your daily life one! ;p

9) Personal Growth. Sometimes when I view my older posts which I wrote a few years ago, I feel that I've grown up. Not to say I'm fully matured, but I'm able to think rightly. From the older posts, I got to see what's wrong with me in the previous times and what should I improve. Nonetheless, my blog is actually my guidance and teacher too.

10) Fame and Money. The most unwanted thoughts of being a blogger. HAHAHAA. Actually famous bloggers gain fame and money through blogging, like seriously. They can earn up to RM10k per month by just blogging. Of course, I'm not saying I'm the one la because I'm not famous, truly not. But from what I feel, I think more people know who am I now compared to last time. I was a social outcast previously but after I joined Nuffnang, more people get to know who am I. I got my very first cheque a few months ago from Nuffnang. Although it's just a small amount but it by and large acts as a motivation to me to blog often. So, I can earn cum share my passion at the same time when I blog! It's like killing the birds with one stone lol.

So literally, blogging is one of the best things in the world for me. Of course, writing this post doesn't mean that I'm forcing you to build up the habit to blog or what. I'm just sharing my thoughts on blogging heh.

Lastly, I wanna thank everyone who read this post from the beginning till the end. You guys rock! ♥♥♥♥♥



  1. Some of the points are exactly what I feels towards my blog currently.

    Nice post. :D

  2. yeah I know you through blogging too. =D You're very cute.

  3. woots ! I like this ! :D hahaha

  4. I can learn new English vocabulary through your blog. :E V

  5. I totally agree with you , especially number 2 :D the bloggers are really friendly, <3

  6. Hi Jessica, I love all your blog entries. Please blog more often. By the way, good luck in your final exam. :D

  7. agree with u Jessica, especially the last one! XDD hahahaha~