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Good bye, form four life.

Seems like just yesterday I set my foot in the form four life. And now it's the end of it! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT OMG. I know, I've been grumbling about this all the time but it's really unbelievable to me. I still remember everything that happened throughout the year. I still clearly remember how nervous I was in January because of the new form four syllabus. How sweet was Jay's concert. How brave our class was to perform during the CNY celebration in school. How pathetic my first Add Maths results. How tiring yet fun my prefect's life was. How I'd gone through the prefect's interview. How frustrated I was when I got the pose (but seriously I'm loving it now, things always get better when we get used to it.)

People said form four is the honeymoon year. I strongly denied it okay. Everything is new in form four, especially coming in contact with new subjects like Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Add Maths. I used to score very low marks for them on January, luckily I've improved (at least a bit) now. Form four life, so busy yet inventive. Growing up and learning in 4S2 (my class) is the one of the happiest things I could ever had. This class is so special. The students in this class are not bookworms but labeled as the worst 4S2 because of the discipline cases, terrible (actually I think it's average but teachers think differently sigh) results and hyper active students. Ahh, I love how cooperate we are before exam approaches. I love how determined we are to help each other out before exam like the pro students teach me Add Maths without being selfish.

Besides talking about the exam results, I've met many new friends from different classes this year. Yak-yakking and hanging out with my girls (you guys know!!) are great. We're moving to form five soon and we only have another 12+ months being together. Many form five students cried during the graduation ceremony today. It makes me realized that I shall cherish my friends now. It makes me feel sorrowful for leaving this school....OKAY WTH. WHY I SOUND LIKE I'M GOING TO GRADUATE.

Anyway, I love 2011. I feel that I've gained so much experiences throughout the year. I feel that I've changed, everyone has changed to chase for his/her own goal, to persevere in his/her intention or so-called mission. And I think I blogged the most this year hahaha, trying to be an outstanding blogger.

You see ah, it's November now. Not long afterwards, December comes. Then without realizing 2011 is waning and here comes 2012. Eh time, Y U NO stop for awhile? Aren't you tired of ticking? What do you guys think about time? Are you guys having the same thought as mine?

Thought it would be a special day. I should wish you good luck in your SPM but why I don't have the guts to do so. Anyway, good luck.

TAADAA 周杰倫 - 水手怕水

I loveeeee this song, this music video and Jay Chou. His cute expressions and gestures impressed me so much. Never knew that Jay could be this hilarious and cute and adorable!! :D

Happy 11.11.11.

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