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It's November.

October had waned. It'd officially gone. Somehow I miss a tiny bit of it. I miss exam. I mean, I don't love exam but I miss it because it somehow motivates me to study more. But apparently after the exam I feel lost. To be honest, I suddenly do not hope for "Holiday". Yeah, I sound like a bimbo. Everyone loves November because the year-end-holiday is approaching. Yeah it is approaching, very very soon, just around the corner. I'm scared. I'm frightened of myself now. I'm scared that my inner devil will drag me into a lazy bum and eventually I'll lose all the motivation to study and then I'll turn into a really dumbbell. I don't want to be. I mean, I've my ambition and suddenly I felt that I'm going to be a loser. Looking upon the results of the exam, I feel slightly frustrated. I should have done better. I feel like howling like a freaking wild animal and asked what had happened to me. People are getting better but I'm still remaining at the same position, the same place. I feel so dishearten. My friends are all planning for outings but let me think what I seriously need to do during this year-end-holiday.

Mental note: Devil devil, please shoo, go away from my mind! I need the old me who gets excellent results. (Not bragging but seriously I think I WAS better last time. Kill me.)

Nobody is here for me but it's okay. Jay's songs can always soothe me. I guess I should share this MV to you guys. Needless to explain, it's the latest song "Mine Mine" from Jay Chou. Yes, Jay Chou had used auto-tuned in this song but it's nevertheless a good song. Still my beloved one.