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What type of boys do I like.

Gosh I have this sudden urge to blog about the type of BOYS I like and I'm giving some examples out. Shit please just let me have some spaces to be obsessive, to be like a little fan girl who screams for her loves one. (Although I did this to Jay quite often haha)

You know what, my friends around me are in a relationship already but I'm still single. So they often ask me why and I would just shook my head or either smile frostily. Not that I'm a lesbian. But it's because I haven't met the someone special yet. And I'm not so desperate to find a boyfriend now even though I did feel lonely sometimes. I don't want to be in a relationship simply because I feel lonely and need a companion. This would sound a bit like a slut perhaps? BUT BUT BUT, I'm waiting for the someone to appear sometime, someday, I know he will. :)

Okay so right, I've thought of three good examples of the types of boys I like. So you guess, the main one is of course..?


I love him from the bottom of my heart! For sometime I really liked Justin Bieber and I really had a huge Bieber fever on him but now, Bieber Fever had just gone with the wind. Jay Chou is the one who gives me such big addiction and obsession like no one else can do this. He's superb talented. I have to admit that I admire his talents. I worship him, I really do. He's Cool. Cute sometimes perhaps? I fall for his music then eventually I fall for him. I dunno why, my mum said he doesn't look really handsome but I can't deny that my heart always says that he's the best, he's wonderful. The wise saying runs thus "Beauty lies in the love's eyes." Undoubtedly true. Actually it's needless to give details about why I love him la, it's freaking obvious in my blog already right lol.

2) 柯震东
Kai Ko

I seriously think that you guys should know more about him!!! I was like "wtf you don't know who is him? SERIOUS OR NOT." in Facebook when someone asked. OK. Obviously he's not as famous as Jay Chou but he is a hot star and had taken the Best New Comer Award in Golden Horse Award now!! He's only twenty years old. So freaking hot. Bright future in his hands. He became famous with the Chinese movie "You're the apple of my eye". I actually like this cute type of boys. I was chatting with Chin hong and she told me she had addicted to Robert PATTINSON. (Ok ah, no spelling mistake right) But I quickly denied and said, "Oh I prefer Zhen Dong more" Ya la obviously I like boys with great smile, do stupid faces and grimaces with me! Obviously this type of boy can attract more girls with his affable personality right!! Haha based on my observation on the statuses in Facebook, I think most of the girls have already gone crazy over him, including me okay yay.


Okay actually I have to admit I like him very much before I fell for Jay Chou. You know, he's kinda like the prince charming type and I love prince lol. He gives me the kind of feeling like he would take care of girls, he would treat girls courteously, he obviously is a gentleman!! I love his song Forever Love forever and ever lol. It's a must-play-song in Karaoke. Okay besides his song, I love his talent too, of course. His talent on playing various kind of music instruments attract me. And not forgetting his handsome face too wtf. Watching his sexy smile keeps me awake all the time LOL! But these years I've been into TEAM JAY CHOU so sorry Lee Hom. But I still list you as the type of boy I like. HAHAH.

In a nutshell, I think I'm the one who likes BOYS WITH TALENTS more than those MUSCULAR AND SEXY AND SOPHISTICATED AND MATURED MEN. Hahaha, is it because I'm still young? How about you? Do you like the same TYPE of boys with me? :D

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