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Christmas, most unanticipated.

Here's a shit ass 宅女 look of mine. LOL.

I can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner! 10 more days to Christmas and oh well, I'm not looking forward to it. I'm jealous of my friends who have already planned for their Christmas. And since my family and I are not Christians, we don't take Christmas seriously. We will just merely treat it as a normal day instead of a lovely festival.

However, I really hope that I can celebrate Christmas this year. But too bad, I'm like #foreveralone and nobody will celebrate with me because look, Qian will be at Hong Kong that day, baby Nat will date her boyfriend, Cassy maybe will date her boyfie too......Then me, deal with a pile of tuition homework and books? Actually don't you think this sounds miserable? I'm thinking to ask LCY and Chinhong for an outing because all of us are single and Christmas could be a party for single people too wtf.

When people ask me do I have a Christmas wishlist, oh seriously I do. Who doesn't like presents? Actually I'm an avaricious girl. I yearn for everything glamorous in the world but sadly, I can only possess them in my dreams. See, I thought of getting a new pair of Birkenstock but after I think twice, I know buying that might be a little prodigal because I just owned a pair not long ago. I don't really like the previous design of my Birken, that's why I wanna change. But, my mum is right, I won't wear it often in future because I can foresee my future. It's all about STUDYING AT HOME. Dude. What's wrong with me...I'm soon going to be a study freak????

Besides the shoes, I desire for a new purse. Actually my old Roxy purse still can be used but I hate the small scratches on it. I saw Juicy Couture's purses are nice but they kill me with the prices. Moreover I dream of getting a Gucci one. SADLY, nobody is going to buy me these now. Actually I've to confess that I'm not a spendthrift (although I look like). I'm a super saver and see, my amount of outings decrease drastically from December because I wanna struggle for SPM. Praise me please so that I can be happier instead of thinking shits like I'm having a miserable life.

My dreaming of getting a new purse will evaporate like bubbles. Forget about it. Now...my mind is getting even more dreamy that I...want...an...iPhone 4S. See I told you I'm a perfect dreamer who wants this and that hahahahha. I cannot resist of getting an iPhone 4S because of its sexiness. Or maybe I should tell my dad that SIRI can teach me how to study and score in exams HAHAHA. Okay fine, my dad is NOT going to buy that for me I know. And the bloody iPhone 4S costs almost 2k and I cannot afford it. See, kill me again. Urgh.

Bye iPhone 4S. So now what? New clothes? I buy new clothes with my own money recently. Really. I buy them using my cash earned from Churp and Says. My mum no longer treats me as a little girl and buys new clothes for me to make me happy. She wants me to grow independent. Oh thanks mum....but at the same time I feel sad. I feel sorrowful to see money flying out from my purse. So that's why I stopped going out these few weeks. Soon to become a 宅女. Congrats me.

All the wishes above are only going to be in my imaginary world. I actually have one last wish...

Candid shots3
So lazy to wear my contact lens recently. So a photo with spectacles will do.
And hi, I'm a nerd. LOL!!

#AllIWantForChristmasIs You. :)

P.S. Based on a psychological study, a crush only lasts for a maximum of 4 months. If it exceeds, you are already in love. Am I?

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