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Form 5's farewell dinner.

It's my honor to become one of the hosts for the form 5's farewell dinner. The event which took place in the Park Royal Hotel had just passed smoothly last night. Being a committee is tiring yet fun because you get to see everyone enjoyed the night because of your team's hard work. However I wouldn't say that I'm a perfect emcee because yeah I know I wasn't that good in controlling such substantial number of people. The ballroom was swamped with more than 250 students and several VIPs and teachers!

Early in the morning, LCY reached my house. He's really early and he's ON TIME EVERY TIME. My mum kinda loves him because of this wtf. After I packed all the necessary stuffs like my dress, cosmetics, high heels, etc. You know girls are always busy with these. HAH!

I guess you guys knew her right! Chin Hong, the chairman of our committee team.

We reached the hotel earlier to make sure everything is well-prepared. And for me, my partner, James and I discussed our script and all. I didn't know that time can actually pass so fast. It was almost 4.30pm when all of us had done the rehearsal. After that, we quickly went to doll up as you know girls usually take more time to make up and double-check whether their dresses are okay or not including me lol.

Surprisingly, I wasn't the one who took the longest time to prepare. I just applied a little make-up on my face, didn't even bother to draw eye-liner or apply eye-shadow to my eyes because I always think that my eyes would look puffier with these things on, like wtf? Foundation, on. Concealer, on. Blusher, on. Lip gloss, on. Make-up done LOL!

The committee members, From tee shirts to dresses!!

Honestly, I was so f***ing nervous before the event starts. It was my first time to become a host for such big event and yes, I scared I would make fool of myself and be embarrassed in front of everyone. (luckily no such thing happened la yeahhahahaha) Before the show starts, I kept on grasping on LCY's hand to get warm because that time my hands were freezing. (LCY is only my best boy-friend la lol) He's such a dumbbell who doesn't know how to comfort me and call me to calm down. LOL! But then everyone shook hands with me and wished me all the best and good luck. Thanks for everyone's blessings which make me keep calm all the night.

Not photogenic. And why the hell my hair looks so weird in photos. -__-

ChinHong, James and I. (Oh god, I'm still short with high heels....)

The crowd went a little crazy last night. James and I couldn't really control their enthusiasm. Everyone's taking the chance to get along with each other, take photos for reminiscing the moment, etc. The food, ok the food, talking about the food they served that night, I was kinda unsatisfied with it because it was like a buffet session and nearly 300 students had to queue up to get the food. Ok la queuing up is just a trivial matter but the food wasn't delicious at all! Blimey. And the committees queued up quite late because we had to do our work first, by the time we reached there all the food were taken. T.T So I think I just ate some muffins and cakes there. And sorry to say the cakes suck lol!! But I'm quite happy that I wasn't really hungry that night hehe!

After everyone had settled down, the performances went on. Bands, singing session and dancing rock the stage. I knew it, Connaughtians always have the best talents yay. Everyone was really energetic and full of passion last night. Glad that the form 5's enjoyed the party so much.

High heels nearly killed me, seriously. My toes were in pain because I am not the kind of girl who wears high heels often. LOL. When the event had ended, I quickly took off my high heels and changed it back to my slippers. My legs instantly feel like heaven and paradise after taking off the bloody high heels haha! And then....I immediately appear shorter again. Sigh.

All in all, the event went on really smoothly. I was kinda regret that I didn't bring my camera there. I SHOULD'VE BROUGHT IT. I was kinda sad too because I lost the opportunity to take photos with someone. Blaming myself for not taking the opportunity. Blaming myself for not having the guts. Urgh. When can I have that chance again? T.T

Good bye form 5's, I'll definitely miss some of you.

P.S. 擦身而过是否已经满足我?
P.S.S. 好想拥抱你,拥抱错过的勇气。

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