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I'm a lucky girl.

My life is just a bowl of cherries.
How could I say I don't love December....How could I say I don't love Christmas...How could I say my life is miserable. I was wrong. I'm a freaking lucky girl. (Wanted to type the F word to strengthen the word "freaking" but I didn't want any profanity to occur in my blog hahaha!).

Words of gratitude before I continue with my post: Thank God who gave me everything I need, especially my family and to be more detailed, MY PARENTS. They are the most important people I could have in my life and without them, I would be shattered into pieces. Sometimes in the night, I would have some inner conversations between me and myself wtf. Sounds scary but don't think about dual personality la. I would ask myself to appreciate everything I have in life now, to be a better person in future, to practice more filial piety, to control my temper, to struggle harder and all. When my friends tell me:" Jess, I envy your parents. Jess, I love your parents. Jess, I envy your life. Jess, you're so lucky." I feel luckier, happier and blissful that I'm having such a good life that people could possibly yearn for. Thank God. Thanks to my daddy and mummy.

One of the reasons I feel lucky is most of my Christmas wishlists have been fulfilled. It's like Santa Claus wants me to celebrate Christmas earlier. Continue reading and you'll know why I feel lucky.

Picture 015
I love smiling with teeth recently. Looks better or not?

Picture 012
Casual outfit for the day! :D

Picture 017
On the way to Pavilion. Playing with brother's new phone Samsung Galaxy Wonder with awesome photography apps!

Picture 020
I cannot deny the fact that my mum is the most awesome woman in my life.

Picture 022
Lunch at Ben's before shopping.

Picture 023
Yummy Buffalo Wings.

Picture 027
Lucky case 1: Thanks my great mummy for buying me the pretty clothes from Topshop!! Loves!

Picture 028

Picture 029
Loving all the United Bears in Pavilion!

Picture 034

Picture 035
Flashmob was happening outside Pav.

Lucky case 2: While mummy is choosing cosmetic products in M.A.C, brother sent me a photo of iPhone 4S through whatsapp. What he told me was, "Bitch! Daddy bought an iPhone 4S for you!" I was stunned for a few seconds and asked him is that a fraud because that morning, I told my dad I wanna wait for iPhone 5 next year while having our morning breakfast. Then I called daddy to double-confirm this surprise and it turns out to be TRUE. Holy surprise. Although I wanted to get an iPhone a million years ago, I still refused to ask my dad to buy because I wanna wait until next year after my SPM first. If I get good results, I would ask daddy to buy. BlackBerry was the reward of my PMR results. Daddy was insane but I love his surprise hahahaa! So I rushed back to Sungei Wang (because daddy was there) to see my present!!

Picture 037
Daddy got me a black one!!!

Lucky case 3: I feel lucky again because I met...................
Picture 033

Lucky case 4: Had a satisfying meal at The Ship.

Picture 044

Picture 047
Them. ♥

Picture 049
Fresh oysters as appetizers!

Picture 051
Appealing much.

Picture 052
Daddy's grilled salmon.

Picture 055
Mummy's mushroom chicken chop.

Picture 056
My brother and I had the same dish: Sizzling Chicken Chop!

Picture 058
How could I say NO to scrumptious food?!

Picture 060
A photo of my brother and I to end the post!

2011 is so far the best year for me. May the luck be with me in the rest of my life!

Till next time! :D


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