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My favourite bloggers.

The title says it all. And please note that this post contains MY genuine opinions and verdicts that you might disagree but whatever I'm here to write about my all-time favourite bloggers.

What comes across your mind when you see the word "Bloggers"?
-A famous writer?
-A pretty girl?
-A serious author?
-A person who writes because blogging earns slash funds?
-Or a person who dares to share his/her life and experience to the world?

The amount of bloggers in the world increases exorbitantly day by day but how many of them are TRUE bloggers and how many of them have the real INTENSION to blog? I wouldn't not say I'm an excellent blogger because sometimes I'm kinda lazy to add the captions to the food photos and sometimes I'm lazy to elaborate my posts. However I'm gonna write as much as I can in this post.

I've been blogging since I was fourteen I guess. Actually that wasn't counted as TRUE blogging because I probably wrote craps in my previous blogs and I changed my blog links frequently in the previous time. Oh crap luckily I come across with Exabytes.sg which gives me a my very own domain link (The one you're seeing now) for one year. Then after it reached its due date, I was reluctant to change my domain link back to blablabla.blogspot.com. I was in love with my domain name which uses my real name, Jessica Chaw. From that onwards, I decided to buy this domain link so that I can blog under this domain forever lol.

Blogging has started to become my routine since then. Every time I meet something special in life, I would unhesitatingly jot it down or capture the photos of it so that I can share it in my blog. Among the years, I've actually read umpteen blogs all over the world and here I come to summarize the bloggers I relish.

Before I indulge in blogging, I was really active in Facebook. Then I discover Chuckei, who's a well-known and pretty blogger in Malaysia. Then I started to read her blog and reading her blog becomes a habit for me now. The reason I read her blog is because


And I strongly believe that she's the apple of everyone's eyes lol. Girls can likely learn the way she dresses up herself and some skills of being pretty too wtf. Yes many people are envious of her beauty and this is ONE of the reasons why she's famous.

Then I discovered Cheesie's blog unconsciously when I stumble upon someone's blog. Okay more blogging intensions came to me after I read Cheesie's blog because I enjoy reading her posts very much. To be honest, I gain more pleasure reading Cheesie's blog. No offense but she shows what blogging is. To be more detailed, she writes more and her posts are interesting although she always say that her posts are useless, *ahem. Check out her useless fashion posts which are actually useful for girls who love Gyaru style. Not useless at all! Besides, she had traveled to many countries in such young age. I guess traveling all over the world is one of the biggest dreams of many. Additionally, I love the way she writes. Oh I love her writing skills because I can actually laugh when she writes in a funny way! So I agree that mastering the English language is important for bloggers too.


Who in the blogger community doesn't know Xiaxue, the blogging queen? I love her personality anyway. She gives me the impression that she's a daring, straightforward, calls a spade a spade blogger. She NEVER EVER hides herself from the haters. It's pretty impressing that how she responds to the haters who try to attack her. That's why people say, don't ever try to mess with a woman lol. Why do the people have to be so mean to her? And guess what, she's brave enough to admit that she did plastic surgery. Awesome, unlike some artists who hide themselves from the truth. Honesty, bravery and determination are the words I can describe Xiaxue. FYI, she won the Best Lifestyle Blog and Best Region Blog in the Nuffnang awards recently. Congratulations to her because she deserved to win the awards!!!


Here's a photo of my favourite bloggers and I again lol! Oh again, I feel so lucky hehe!

P.S. Do tell me your favourite bloggers too!

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