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My recent interest.

Guess what? I think someone caught my eye breathtakingly recently. Ever since I watched "You're the apple of my eye", I recognize that I've fallen in love with the main actor, Kai Ko. Not to say I've forgotten Jay Chou but honestly, I think Kai Ko is cuter LOL! But of course, I still have huge enthusiasm on dear Jay.

I browsed through Kai Ko's fanpage in Facebook and found many cute photos of him. This boy is really attractive with his smile. His smile is like a temptation which conjures magic and make you fall in love with it wtf. When Ke Teng shouts "I like you" in the movie, I feel like shouting back to him, "I like you too"!!!! How on earth can a guy look so cute!

Not only he's good in acting, he's somehow a singer! His voice is indescribably enthralling although he's just 20 years old. I'm not kidding, seriously. His voice is deep, sexy and oh so sophisticated. I recently fall in love with some of his songs and I believe that you would like it too!

請讓我繼續喜歡你 "Let me continue to like you"

请比我爱她。"Please love her more than I do"

Furthermore, I like how funny he acts. Handsome boys seldom dare to do funny faces in front of the crowd but Kai Ko is so different. He's handsome yet cute! Daring is winning and yeap he won! Still not believing? Here, I show you some photos!! *For more photos, please click HERE.

Adorable and handsome at the same time!!!

Told you that he's freaking cute!!

Kai Ko, please come to Malaysia and I'll be there to support you lol. Okay actually I'm quite envy of him. I envy his great success because he's only 20 years old and he got his first golden award. At the same time, I'm very proud of him too! Let us look forward to his next success together!

And maybe when I get older, I would blog about : "那些年,我们一起欣赏的柯震东。" Awesome or what? :D

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