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Reminiscences of 2011.

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2011, the best hallucination year I've been through. Looks like I've been in a fantasy, in a dream which full of hoopla.

Every time I come to this (writing a summary of the year), I feel nostalgic and my mind is fulled of flashbacks of the year. I've been always saying, time flies. I said this umpteen times because I want to constantly remind myself to accelerate and move on with the hasty time. Here, the end of 2011 is so near, yup I can feel it already. Before this amazing year ends, I would like to summarize all the occasions which happened this year in this post.

Let's see what I've done in this year! (Opens archive in my blog and start viewing through the old blog posts)

-Blogging year.
You guys know. You guys see. You guys say. I think I really blogged a lot this year and blogging has become my favourite pastime. I indulged in blogging and I'm very happy to know many new friends in the blogging community. I feel wonderful because I think my hard work is paid off when I see my blog link under my readers' blog! Hehe, I found that in Nuffnang! ;p Believe me, I will not give up blogging. It will forever be my routine!!!

-Striving for achievements.
Achievements in terms of academic performances. Form four, a dreadful year which compiles all the different things from form three. I dunno la, being a Science stream student, I feel that I can't waste a single second. (Although I did waste my time sometimes) I think there are too much things to study. It's like, you haven't finished studying the first hard chapter and here comes another hard chapter to overcome. I feel remorseful for not working hard in the beginning of the month. Why I didn't start my tuition earlier. That's the point which I always feel bad. Why I act pro and think I can overcome form 4 syllabus without attending tuition zz. I feel that I didn't really do well in form four exams. Screw it. Now I hope form five will be a better year for me. I really hope to see improvements in all the subjects!! STRUGGLE!!!!!

-Delirious Joy from the concerts.
Oh I love attending concerts. Such a lucky year that I won all the concert tickets. Will never forget my dear Jay Chou's concert! Then thanks Nuffnang for the Show Luo's concert tickets. After that Jolin's concert. Luck comes to us again when my friends and I won tickets for Loud Festival to meet our beloved Jay Chou!!

-A year with new possessions.
I have a new hobby, BUYING CLOTHES wtf. I don't like to wear a same shirt for several times because I feel bored lol kill me. But actually I stopped buying clothes extravagantly after June already because I don't have money sigh. Got my very first Burberry bag in Hong Kong!! I couldn't express how lucky I am to have my great parents!! Okay talking about possessions, I would like to thank the breadwinner, DADDY for giving so much surprises to me this year!!! First, I gained a DSLR camera from him this year! Then he sponsored some money to me for my Hong Kong trip. Got an iPad from him. After that, I got the best Christmas present which is an iPhone 4S from him. OH I LOVE YOU DADDY!!!!

-Memorable vacation
I seldom go travel one so I still can remember my Hong Kong trip in June. My next wish: Travel to Taiwan after SPM!

I love 4S2 (my class). We study together. We play hard together. What they gave me is invaluable. Love all the LAUGH ATTACKS I had with them! Not forget to mention too, thanks Natalie, Cassy and Qian for accompanying me and having fun with me this year! Without all of them, my life would be like a sky without a sun. I hope we will keep this friendship until forever!

-Breakdown from some little setbacks helps me to grow.
A year without breakdown is not a complete year lol. It proves that you've not done for something you want. Still remember when I encountered some problems about the prefectorial board. Getting a pose that I didn't really like at first but now I love it till the max wtf. *start to think what serious setbacks I have this year* ....................... still thinking.................EH......
Um. I think I'm either forgetful or NO SERIOUS HITCH in this year. Eh it's like most of the time I'm happy with my life lol.

Okay, actually you can see that I'm a lucky girl this year. It's like all the good things happened on me. I think 2011 is such a dream for me. Ya a dream with loves from my friends and family. Not to mention, I love you my blog! Thanks for being the best place for me to express my feelings throughout the year!

I hope 2012 will be a better year for me. May the luck continue to enfold me next year!