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Spirit to welcome 2012.

No other time can transcend the wonderful days of the young. #10yearsago, I was still a six-year-old kid who had no cares, no worries and no problems. The only thing I cared was, Barbie Dolls. LOL. In just a few days, I'm turning into seventeen. Hell, this is such a number.

I think 2012 would definitely be a year for me to struggle. I'm here to set some new year goals and resolutions for myself.

-Develop my own potentiality.
-Breaking from my own shell of nonentity and emerge into a person of some account.
-Meet all the challenges with unflinching courage.
-Get better results for my Science subjects and Add Maths. T.T
-Triumphs over fear.
-Substitute hatred and jealousy with love and understanding.
-Exercise regularly lol. (I'm a lazy bum who don't exercise much)
-Save money for my trip after SPM.
-Being able to socialize and control my emotion.
-Be grateful for what I have.
-Live for the days and fill them with worthy deeds.
-Be happy, optimistic and confident.

Whoa. Seems like there are many tasks for me to accomplish but this is life. Life is to live so never let your talents lie low, indulge in what you want and strive hard to achieve your targets so that you grow old with no cause of compunction! Good luck to me and to you. :)

2012, I'm ready.

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