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First week of school.


Oh hello everyone!!! How's school/work this week? Well actually there's nothing special about my schooling week. It was just same like last year, but just in a different location of class, in a different block and some new members of 5S2! Okay I'm sad that Cy had dropped to S3, he belongs to S2 by the way. If he wasn't sick and absent for the two subjects in the final exam, he would still be in S2....I don't know why teachers can't tolerate, compromise and understand about his situation...

Never forget to listen to music when you feel low.

So after school starts, the busy and hustle life is back! I have to complete my tuition homework, school's work, practice piano, etc. Will not have so much time to blog and this is why my blog traffic drops drastically these days. First week of school was just um, mundane. Same as usual, waking up early, carrying out prefect's duty, learning the same things I have learned in tuition (Hehehe thank god I have my tuition teachers!!!), recess time, studying in the freaking stuffy classroom and then school dismisses. Weekend is here and cheers to my work during weekends. I can say that my life in 2012 will be busier than ever, especially when it comes near to SPM!

*This post is mainly about my current situation. Meaningless post (kills myself for this random post)

And never forget to smile! :)

P.S. Don't you guys think that the climate in KL is so abominable these days? I'm gonna melt....

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