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I'm pooped!

I can't even rest on Saturdays. You can't imagine how hectic my life is and you definitely can't feel it unless you're a very busy person too. Okay, I just lied, I exaggerated about my life. If I were really that busy, I won't be here, sitting in front of my lappy and having a peaceful mind to blog right?

I usually wake up late on weekends because I love sleeping and my bed seems to have a power that I can't resist haha! BUT....no more waking up late dude because I'M GOING TO SCHOOL, EVEN ON A SATURDAY FREAK!! Okay la actually it's quite normal to go to school on Saturday for those who're active in co-curricular activities. This year, I dunno why I have the determination to be active in all the co-curricular activities. My mind must be messed up! Apparently, most of the form five students are being so active in co-curricular activities this year to gain the so-called "koko" marks in the end of the year, of course I'm not the exception because I #kiasu and I wanna get at least a "B" for my co-curricular performance. No joke because this so-called koko marks will be used to determine my future IF I'm going to pursue my tertiary education in government schools/universities.

I requested Siri to wake me up at 7am this morning and it did it but I kept on snoozing the alarm and being so reluctant to wake up early in the morning on a lovely Saturday. Had no choice but to wake up at 7.25am. Then I took a light breakfast before I go to school. After I reached school, I went to the particular place for me to attend my activity. Come, guess what's activity is that? I bet you can't get the right answer one because me, myself couldn't believe I actually joined that.

*scroll down*


Holy mama. I just joined Taekwando? Seriously? I asked myself. To be honest, I was a really stubborn kid who didn't want to join ANY of the activities previously. That means from form 1 till form 4, I NEVER persevere in any of the activities! This year, I tell myself to be determine and persevere in learning Taekwando! HE HE HA HEEEEEE!! I'm gonna learn some skills of defensing and protect myself in the future. Sounds pro but please...I'm only a beginner and what the trainer taught us this morning was :

Running for I-dunno-how-many rounds of the badminton court.
Stretching my body like I'm doing Yoga. Damn it, warm up exercises are already such a hard nut for me to crack!
Jumping here jumping there.
Stretching again.
And.......I can't do sit-up. #fail

The warm up exercises lasted for one hour and then the trainer taught us the basic words to learn during exercise. And sorry trainer I've forgotten all the words because all of them are in Hanguel (Korean Language)!! Oh I can remember one ----JUMBI which means "Prepare" Hahahaha!!

Taekwando class was fun actually although it makes me feel worn out. I actually gain pleasure instead of pressure from the trainers. Hopefully this spirit will continue to stick with me till the end of the year la!!

After Taekwando class, I have to rush home and prepare for my work! See I told you today was really hectic!

U smile I smile?

Front camera of iPhone is one of the shortcomings!

Immediately took my lunch at Zouk Cafe Bar @ The Gardens.
The above one was mummy's grilled spring chicken and mine was the gigantic grilled chicken burger. Quite delicious!


Really feel happy when they purposely opt in this restaurant to visit me! It'd been SOOOO long since our last outing. *terribly sad

*More photos coming up*



My Biology tutor is really "humorous". He actually reads my blog since I-dunno-when. Then he teased me in the class!!! He imitated the way I cam-whored and tell everyone that I love Jay Chou. I didn't know how to react in class la but just to enjoy the laughter with all the classmates haha! Btw, Mr.Foo you're the funniest teacher I've ever met! :D

Took it with baby iPhone while I'm on my way back home. Quality of photo is just unexpectedly awesome!! The sky was really blue and it reminds me of 晴天 (Jay's song)!!! Ahhh I'm so in a good mood today and sorry for the emo post yesterday just forget about it hah!

P.S. Thanks to those who comforted me.
P.S.S. Thanks Oinky Pig who consoled me too when I need help! I REALLY APPRECIATE YOU as my friend HAHAHHAA!!


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