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Last CNY Celebration in SMKTC.

Oh god, I feel like shedding tears when I recall everything that happened last Friday. My school holds a CNY Celebration every year and last year, my class had participated in the performance (kindly refer to this post if you want to know what we performed last year lol).

A year had passed but the memories are still in my mind. I guess my Chinese teacher loves my class because she always offers these performing chances for us. And guess what, I was so lucky to be chosen as one of the hosts for the event. This is the third time I've been invited to be an emcee of an event. Thanks to my teacher and my friends who trusted me and gave me support all the time.

Okay so we had only limited time to practice all the performances. This is the time to show our teamwork again and yes, 5S2 never disappoints me. Most of us were willing to sacrifice our time and stayed back after school to practice. I was told not to refer to any notes while being an emcee on the stage and this frightened me at first because facing a huge crowd isn't an easy thing after all. Cy was my partner for the event. He in-charged in translating all my words in English to Chinese so that day we could do a bilingual presentation.

I'm very impressed with my teacher's spirit and effectiveness on carrying out her job. She sacrificed a lot, she paid so much effort on making this event successful, she's such a heroine to fight all the rights for all the Chinese in my school. To be honest, my new school principal wasn't agreed with this event initially because she wants us to pay attention on studying instead of "wasting" time on celebrating in the hall. However, I guess my Chinese teacher had discussed with her many times so finally she agreed to spare just an hour for us to carry out this event. I can still remember last year, we had the calligraphy contest and all the performances, last year was the last chance for us to celebrate in that way. ):

That's me in Cheong Sam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to my Chinese teacher to give me a golden opportunity for being a host of the event!! I think it's such a valuable experience for me because I get to wear cheong sam for the first time in my whole life! First time wearing Cheong Sam makes me feel proud of our Chinese culture!

A short presentation about the Year of Dragon.

Creating the shadow effect for the opening of the event. Brilliant idea.

Actually it was about the story of the monster "Nian" and how a clever kid frightened away the monster.

And of course, we have the lion dance as the opening for this auspicious event.

The Diablo with firework performance!
My cutest classmates ever who performed their drama about CNY Reunion Dinner.


The last show (Group singing) for the event was presented by 5S2 too.

Ending the event with an unwilling feeling. (That guy who's behind me is Cy! And I think he looks good in that costume! :p )

Last but not least, a group photo with my awesome classmates!

Although the event lasted for only an hour, it brought so much good memories for me in my last year of high school. I seriously have to thank my Chinese teacher, Pn.Yeap who gave US a chance to strengthen the bonds of friendship, inculcate the importance of teamwork and a final chance for us to show our talent in this school!

Without her, there will be no Chinese New Year celebration.
Without her, the tradition of celebrating CNY in my school will be vanished forever.
Without her, everything will be impossible to be carried out.

I'm so proud of my class, 5 Science 2. Every member in the class defined how special the class is. And I remember Pn.Yeap thanked us in the hall for striving hard to give the best performance on that day but I think we are the ones who supposed to pay tribute to her!!!

Thanks for giving me such unforgettable experience in my life.

P.S. Credits to Yi Bin Pow and Dash Chong (The photographers for the event) for the photos. xx.

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