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My Very First Job.

First of all, HAPPY 2012 READERS!!
I promised myself to develop my potentialities before new year. It's one of my new year resolutions and yes I think I achieved it by half now!!!!!! If you read my previous blog post, you will know that I'm going to work today but work as what? People are curious about this and I didn't actually tell them the answer because I want them to find out in my blog hahaha!

Okay. Nobody, even myself could believe that I actually find a job and work. I guess people used to see that I hang out and eat good food always but NO. I promised myself to start something new and yes, this is what am I going to blog about today.



Outfit for my work. Make a smart guess please......!

I learned piano since I was eight years old. I still remember that time I nearly gave up on learning it because I couldn't maintain the coordination between my both hands and I went fussy and annoyed of it. My mum is a serious woman and she forced me to practice every single day in order to succeed in playing the song. I cried hopelessly and practiced it with pressure. I never thought that I could succeed. The feeling of playing the full song of "Marry had a little lamb" was awesome.

Playing the grand piano is one of my biggest dreams since I was young. And look, who's playing it now?

I always thought of Jay Chou when I was about to give up in learning piano. Then Jay Chou's piano skills really got me attracted and I persevere in learning it until I can master at least 1/4 of Jay's piano skills haha! (But apparently I didn't master even 1/8 of his skills.....T.T) And I remember I went crazy over him because he looked so damn awesome while playing the sparkling and dazzling grand piano in his concert a few years ago.

That's me!!! And say hello to my new job!

My piano teacher introduced me this job, that is becoming a pianist in the Gardens Lifestyle Cafe @Mid Valley.

Break time!


With Qiann! Thanks for coming to support me!!! xoxo!

Getting this job is definitely a kick-start for 2012. Of course, this is only my part-time job and I'll be playing at lunch hours every Saturday & Sunday. My feelings were mixed today. Before starting, I was, you know anxious because this is my first time performing in front of everyone holy mama. Then when I enter the "cage" where the piano is placed, I feel omgz awesome. Then I began to act pro and started to play Jay Chou's songs first. I can actually feel it when people around the cafe listen to my music and some even took photos of me and again I feel omgzzzzzz elated. I feel like a star. I feel like Jay Chou is playing beside me. (That's why they take photos of me?!) Haha, joking! I ignored the mistakes I've made and continue with my performance. Resolution: Triumphs over fear. Oh great. 2012 must be something new for me!!!

Why I wanna work? Oh easy, because of money la of course. No, apart from that, that's one of my dreams. I mean, you feel proud about yourself right when you succeed in doing something good. As what my mum said, this job is to gain more experiences for future. At least I know, how it feels like when playing in front of the crowd and how can I react when I made mistakes on playing a piece or whatsoever. I really wanna thank my piano teacher who introduced this job for me!!! It's definitely something beneficial for me!

And I also get to know that..............earning money is so hard. I played from 1pm till 3.45pm. (Of course 15 minutes break time is available every session) The feeling when I ended my job was I'M FREAKING TIRED. My backbone was aching, you can't blame because I grow older already haha! My mum teased me and said, "Haha now you think this job is easy? Still wanna continue it next week?" Oh god of course I'm going to continue. Perseveration and determination are what you can see on me. (Okay sorry I'm actually exaggerating) But I will always remember, Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. I will pay 99% perspiration on this job!!!!

Live for the days and fill them with worthy deeds. Another new year resolution I've made. And now I'm going to complete my tuition homework instead of wasting time on Facebook anymore!!!!!!!!!! STRUGGLE!!!!!


Reminding this to myself every day.

Not forgetting to share a lovely song to you guys,
世界未末日- Jay Chou. Hope you enjoy! :)


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