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The Viral Factor Movie Review.

Okay let's see what should I blog today. Happening today: Chinese New Year Celebration at school. Gonna blog about it as soon as I got the photos heh!

In the previous post about Jay's Viral Factor movie promote tour, I did mention that I wanted to review the movie. So now I'm gonna do it. I feel very lucky to be one of the spectators who can watch the premiere screening of the movie! It's like I watch the movie a step faster than my friends. *evil grins* And I can tell them how awesome the movie is.

Nicholas Tse and Jay Chou, starring as the main characters of this movie. A very new combination to everyone because they didn't cooperate with each other before. Both of them are so handsome and I gotta open my eyes real wide to watch every single move of them because....too handsome already la!!!!

Movie Review:

In an operation to escort bacteriologist Kenner from Jordan to Norway, IDC agent Jon ( Jay Chou) and ex-fiancee Ice (Bai Bing) are betrayed and shot by fellow agent Sean (Andy Tien), who steals a deadly virus sample developed by Kenner. Jon was survived in the bullet but he'll be paralyzed within three weeks. To fulfill his mum's wish, he had to search for his long-lost brother, Man Yeung (Nicholas Tse) and his compulsive gambler dad, Man Tin (Liu Kai-chi).

He finds Man Yeung at the airport, waiting to kidnap Rachel under Sean's orders. Jon rescues Rachel and reconnects with his father and niece Champ (Crystal Lee). Despite begin a hardened criminal, Man Yeung must join forces with Jon to save Champ, Rachel and her mother from Sean's ruthless scheme to profit from the virus.

The movie was filmed in many different places such as Bei Jing, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, etc. American war films set in the Middle East, the production crew scores more original coups in Kuala Lumpur, switching slickly from the technical razzmatazz of helicopters threading their way around skyscrapers to savage mano-a-manos in gritty hellholes or wickedly tight spots. Gunfights and explosions are played out in real urban locations swarming with people and vehicles, like Kuala Lumpur.

This is a movie about stopping criminals from unleashing an epidemic on the planet but it is more about the relationship between the two brothers and how people from two different world’s would go about solving the same problems.

Two brothers on opposite sides of the law join forces to prevent a lethal small pox formula from reaching the black market. I'm impressed by Nicholas Tse's performance because he didn't only cry for once in the movie, but thrice. Bravo when I see him crying like mad and mucus started to come out from his nose and tears rolled down through his cheeks. Jay exclaimed that he couldn't do what as Nicholas did because he wants to keep his image lol.

In general, the dynamic sound effects keep the viewer perpetually on edge although the story-line was a bit overwrought. The Viral Factor is one the Chinese action movies that deserves to be seen on the big screen. The movie is worth watching after all.

Sources adapted from http://www.variety.com

The two brothers flashing back their childhood memories.

Jay, the filial son to his mum.

All about gunshots lol.

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