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When J meets J

15.1.2012 Sunday


I was really in a good mood on last Sunday. Seemed like everything went smoothly for me. I felt good during my work, I can sense that my mood was pretty good when I played all the songs with expressively and literally, in a very relaxed mood. At the same time, I was very eager for that night because of Jay Chou! I just can't wait to get to see him.

Btw, I just bought a new casing for my baby iPhone! This Rilakkuma casing caught my eye instantly once I stepped into the store. Isn't it cute?

What makes it adorable is its two tiny ears!

Obviously, decoration in Fahrenheit 88.

3 working sessions ended in just a blink of an eye and my lovely mummy accompanied me to take to the cab to Pavilion! When we reached there, we can already see a numerous of people gathering in front of the Pavilion concourse hall! And apparently most of them are from the fans club! According to what I heard, they were there since 12pm hohoho and it reminded me of two years ago when Jay came to promote for Treasure Hunter.

Weather was really sultry that afternoon!

Decorations in the main entrance of Pavilion already amused me!

Have been yearning to witness the decorations of Pav since a long time ago and TAA DAA, it looks so amazing and blooming!


I didn't gather with the crowds in the hall, instead, I watched him from the second floor of Pav. Famous people will never be PUNCTUAL. Actually he and the director were supposed to show up at 7.30pm but they only came out at 8.10pm if I'm not mistaken. Cannot put the blame on them because one is director another one is super star. So inevitably fans like us were going to wait patiently for them to occur just to see them appearing for 15 MINUTES.

My view from second floor was kinda nice actually but I didn't buy zoom lens for DSLR so this is the outcome of the maximum zoom already! T.T

When he appeared, plausibly everyone was screaming, cheering, showing out his/her full passion to welcome Jay Chou and the Director (mostly is to welcome Jay haha!) And so did I. I was jumping elatedly (people must think that I'm super crazy over him!) The sound system was bad because I couldn't even hear a single word from Jay Chou, I thought he was murmuring haha!
Later, some lucky fans were chosen to be on stage to compete with each other and the winner got a special reward and a chance to shake hands with Jay Chou!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sigh I wish I were the one and I would possibly request a hug from him. *squeals* Later on, a few fans club members went up the stage to present 2 special designed birthday cakes for Jay Chou because Jay's birthday is in 18th of January! The fans club members were so lucky to do that and Jay exclaimed that he likes the cake very much! But one thing I'm wondering is: "Did Jay really eat the cake?" Nah I don't think so because he had to rush for another fans meeting session!

AND GUESS WHAT. I got an admission ticket from my friend to attend his special fans meeting session in 2nd floor of GSC Cinema! Actually it was not special enough unless I can meet him personally. T.T

This ticket is different from other normal premiere screening ticket because it can be used to enter the special meeting session! And I wonder, why so many people got this ticket one!??!

When my friend,(okay I called him Sky) got this ticket for me, I WAS LIKE OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS, YOU REALLY WANNA PASS THIS TO ME?! Then HOW ABOUT HIM? Fyi, admission one only for one ticket. He told me not to worry as he will find a way to enter later! Omg I felt guilty and indecisive at the same time but I just did what he said and ran into the hall.

And I what saw was all the tall people in front of me.....holy shit. I tried my best to sneak through the slits to get a better view of Jay! It was 8.45pm and the security guards started to stand still in their position and that means Jay is coming out!!!! Holy mama, he was just walking right in front of me and fans went really crazy and started pushing around. And that's why I can't snap a good photo of him that juncture. Then he went up to the stage in the centre of the hall and we (Me and two new friends, Tracy & Amanda who are Sky's friends) ran to the centre too!

Took out my camera and zoom it to the max.

AHHHHHHHH. Ultimate zoom already. Sad.

The VIPs and him.


Thanking everyone who supports him.


OMG Is he looking at me camera?!?!!?!?! Or my illusion problem....



Bye Jay. ):

Was sweating like hell but all the running, chasing, squeezing were worth it, only for Jay.
Oh ya, these two girls are my new friends hahaha! Tracy and Amanda who went crazy with me that night!

Posing happily with our tickets and Sky got himself a CREW admission pass!!! How did he do that!!!

Both Nicholas Tse and Jay Chou are cool! *With Tracy!

With Amanda!

Taking photos of his autograph on the board. Crazy.


I wish I could take this board to home with me lol!!

Sky is so generous to give my parents and me complimentary Premiere screening tickets of Viral Factor too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG WHY SO GOOD!

Spent so much time on blogging this post! Mummy is nagging now so I will review the movie someday! Hope you enjoy reading this! :D

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