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Working Saturday.

Oh hello! I'm trying to update my blog as much as possible during weekends because I guess I only have spare time to blog on weekends. Woke up unintentionally at 7.30am today, I guess my body alarm assumes that it's a schooling day today. Crazy,please don't think that I love schooling very much haha!

Arrived Mid Valley earlier because mummy knows that the parking lot will be fully occupied after 12pm. People go for shopping and I go for working.

Outfit for my job today! White sweater + Jeans.

By right I shouldn't wear jeans to work, my boss told me but hehehehe I'm a rebellious employee and I told her that I don't have any western-style trousers (I'm not willing to buy because those trousers look soooooo ugly on me, plus, I'm short.....wearing those trousers make me look like a clown LOL.) Luckily I have a kind boss who doesn't ban me from wearing jeans, she said it's okay with dark colored one and of course no shorts la.


Before going to work, mummy and I wandered around the shopping mall for one hour. Mid Valley is decorated with huge red lanterns which really bring out the CNY feel!

At my working place. The "cage" is decorated with so many red packets and honestly I think the decoration is quite despicable. I want the GRAND and MAJESTIC "cage" back. LOL!

Time passed swiftly when I'm doing something I like. My working time is divided into 3 sessions and each session is only 45 minutes. Sounds like a longtime job but surprisingly it's not! I think I just played 6 or 7 songs in one session. So I have no need to fret that there are not enough songs for me to play! The patrons weren't as many as last week's but I think more will come tomorrow. (But it's okay with less patrons because less people will find out my misstep. :p )

Meal after work!!!!

Okay below are some cam-whored photos. (All taken by baby iPhone)



Tried on mummy's new Chanel earring, looks sophisticated on me?

Allowing only a little light to penetrate through the windows so here is the results of the photo.
Looks like I'm wearing a mask, artistic eh?

Decided not to cut my hair for the whole freaking year so that I can have a long, long hair!!!

All of a sudden I think this is such a gibberish and random post with super self-obsessive photos but I found out that updating my blog frequently is really worthy because I just found out that there were 750 visitors to my blog yesterday. O.O

Love you-all!


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