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Kai Ko's Press Conference in Malaysia 柯震东大马记者会

Event: Kai Ko's Press Conference in Malaysia 柯震东大马记者会
Location: 7atenine, Kuala Lumpur.
Time: 3pm-4pm.


Besides Jay Chou, the one who can really catch my eye (and my heart as well) is Kai Ko. When I receive the news that he's coming to KL for his promo tour, I was like, OH GOD, HE'S FINALLY HERE. Thanks to Miracle Hair Expert and all of you who supported me in the Facebook contest I've joined!! You guys have fulfilled my wish of meeting him in super super super near distance and also a chance to take photo with him! (Just group photo....sadly.)

Well. The day before the Press Conference, I was stuck in a dilemma where I've to choose either work or attend to this Press Conference. At first I thought the photo session will be held in Times Square at night so that I can go there after my work, but no, the person who's in charged of this called me yesterday and told me that actually I have to attend the Press Conference in the afternoon at a particular place. I was like, shit, what to do now....I was totally shilly-shally and being sooo undecided that moment. Then I thought of taking leave from work so that I won't miss this chance but mummy didn't allow me to do that. Then I thought of changing shift with another pianist but he wasn't free in the afternoon. Then luckily my manager is sooooo comprehensible that she allowed me to leave my work earlier. Thanks!!! Everything is settled then.

Okay so today I decided to start working earlier at 12pm so that I can leave earlier without feeling guilty too. So rapturous yet so high-stung because I anticipated to meet him! At 2.30pm I quickly left Mid Valley and took cab with mummy to reach our destination! In the car I prayed so hard, hoping that we can reach the place on time!! Thank god, the traffic was so smooth in the afternoon and we managed to reach there at 2.50pm.

It was my first visit to 7atenine, it was quite a chic bar. Then mummy and I chose a best seat so that we can get a super nice view of Kai Ko later. The one who was sitting opposite us was Jym, the MY FM DJ. He was the host for the event. Then I spotted many medias are already preparing their cameras and video cameras and everything.

Kai Ko showed up at 3.10pm. HE TOOK MY BREATH AWAY when he was walking down the stairs, passing by me and walking to the stage. Even my mum told me this, "Wa see, he coming down already, looking so handsome!!" Mum our taste is the same. :P Okay readers, here are some super near-distanced photos of him for y'll!! All taken by my baby Five!!!


Complimentary drinks and snacks from them! :D

Okay first question: PHOTOS CLEAR OR NOT?!?!?

What kind of CUTE expression is this!!!!!


Looked so dreamy haha!

Really really love it when he smiles!!

Freak, I love his hairstyle, it suits him very much!

Jym was asking him some questions regarding his recent progression and Kai Ko said he's currently filming a new movie!!!

Time for representatives from the sponsors to give souvenirs for Kai Ko.

Jym told him that the first souvenir is Malaysia's Wau and Kai Ko said, "Huh? It's really called WAO?" HAHAHAHA! Cuteness!

Awesome boy. <3

Man, can anyone tell me why he looks good in every angle????

Signing on a photo.

OMG cute or not?!?!?! I bet you guys are going to be annoyed by my "cute" word! :p

With Jym!

When Jym announced that it was the posing session, Kai Ko exclaimed that he didn't really know how to pose and he was a bit shy!

Okay a photo of his full outfit! Very handsome right!!!


This was taken when Jym said that he's too cool for the photography session! Then he laughed!

Boy, your smile can seriously brighten up my day!!!


Haha double peace!





After this photography session, it's time for those medias to interview him while I have to wait for my chance to take a photo with him. Sibeh ganjeong!!! After the interviews, a few other winners and me were invited to go into a special room for photography session with him.

I thought the I could take photo with him personally, just me and him...........but no. We were only allowed to take photo in a whole group of 11 people I think. But still considered very lucky for me already because I'm one of them who can take photo with him!!! Initially I stood beside him and his assistant suddenly called us to queue in a oval shape then ended up I couldn't stand beside him to take the group photo. T____T I WANTED TO CRY. Moreover, we were NOT allowed to take the group photo with our own cameras. Bloody hell...so I have to wait till they upload it on Facebook.

Before leaving the room right, I quickly walked towards him and talked to him wtf. Guess what I said to him?


I didn't know what to say, it would be very awkward if I said, Kai Ko I love you I really love you lol! That time my brain couldn't think of anything else so I just wished him Happy V Day although I hope that I can spend my V day with him!!!!! T___T

He was so tall, I hate myself for being so short and I was like talking to a big brother. Then he looked at me, smiled at me and said thank you. Melt melt melt melt!!! How on earth can a guy be so attractive, even his eyes can be that glowing and dazzling!!! HE'S THE CUTEST GUY I'VE EVER SEEN ON EARTH!!!! Unfortunately I couldn't talk much with him because his assistant was asking everyone of us to leave the room. And how stupid am I that I've forgotten to shake hands with him!!! I should even ask for a hug la wtf!!!!! GOD, I wish to freeze the time when he looks at me!!! Okay enough of confession I bet you guys are rolling your eyes and saying something like bitch please~~~~HAHAHA, just say it because I went insane and crazy over him already!!!!

Sadly I didn't attend his autograph session in Times Square but I'm sure that I had a great time in the Press Conference. I think it was a golden opportunity to meet him and take photos in such a great distance! Aiya, no more regrets now because at least I'm one of the lucky winners!!!

Thanks to Miracle Hair Expert.
Thanks to all of you who supported me.
Lots of appreciation to my mighty mum, who always supports my decision and goes crazy with me!!
And thanks to myself.....who persevere in pursuing things I REALLY WANT.

I dunno la, my personality is like this, I will fight for anything I REALLY REALLY want, so the next thing I'm gonna fight for is SCHOOL EXAM! Bloody hell. T.T

Well, hope you guys enjoy this post and for those who attended Kai Ko's autograph session in Times Square, can you guys share your story with me too?!?!?!? I'm really missing him now!!! T___T


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