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Missing you.


Hello to all of you, if you guys still remember this blog, still remember who am I, I will be very jubilant.

I would like to apologise from the bottom of my heart for not updating my blog nowadays. Please don't abandon this blog although it's still dead. I understand if you guys don't wanna visit this place anymore because it is dull, humdrum and spiritless. I know, I know, I should update more in this case right.

For your information, I'm still sitting for my exam. One more week to gain back my freedom then I'll update as many as possible that time!!!! Btw , everything in exam is going on smoothly.

For my English essay right, I had a lot of inspiration to write today. But I spent too much time on Section A until I had only limited time to write on Section B. By right I should concentrate and elaborate more in section B!!!!! But I think what I wrote was so-so la. Jeremy Lin inspired me a lot in writing my essay today. And to be with the Linsanity trend, Jeremy Lin is one of the examples of great people I wrote in my essay. Go Jeremy, go linsanity!

The next challenge for me are the subjects that I'm not so confident with such as Add Maths and the three pure science subjects! Wish me luck okay! <3


P.S What do you think of my new blouse for work? I can't believe I bought it without any second thoughts using my first month's salary. Ahh, I spent 1/3 of my salary on this. T__T so please tell me that it looks (at least) okay or nice or whatever la! Hehe!

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