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Boom Shakalaka!

Second day of the second semester of school....Not interesting at all. I think I had mini heart-attacks whenever I got my test paper back. The best subject I can score well is the History subject. I'm strongly attacked by my own undesirable results, the feeling is just like being shot in my chest. And I know, I can't blame anyone for this except myself. Success only comes to those who are busy searching for it. Perhaps I didn't work hard enough, perhaps I just didn't try to understand those that I don't understand. Perhaps I'm just cheating myself, trying to convince myself that I will know how to do during exams and hoping that miracles would happen on me during exams. Just shoot me, too happy-go-lucky isn't good at all.

Let's put sad things aside! Will be sharing how did I addict to K-pop recently!

Okay so as I say quite often: Things always come unexpectedly.

I had no interest for K-pop last time...I was like, "Uh..I don't know why people would get addict to K-pop. They don't even know what are they singing and they are just worshiping them blindly." Haha now, I finally got the answer, WHY PEOPLE LIKE K-POP.

A few days ago, my friends were humming some K-pop songs and what I heard was "Wow Fantastic Baby" and "Boom Shakalaka". With my curiosity, I asked them, "What are you guys singing?" Then they answered, "Don't you know? It's Big Bang's new song!" Okay, still acting like not interested but when I got home, I instantly requested the Youtube link from my friend. (Thanks to Shaun, thanks for you so-called Boom Shakalaka ray which caused K-pop addiction on me! ;P)

Okay video has been opened for 5 seconds, then first I saw GD. I was like, ew how can this MV be so disgusting? A guy with that long hair and such......"incredible" make-up. Never mind, go on go on, just continue watching it. Until.....I FOUND HIM.

Holy mama. He has the indescribable sexiness which attracts me and catches my eye and I just....love him at the first sight! Can I say this?! He is wearing a red robe, having striking blue hair, having that pair of freaking big and cute eyes (omg he has eyeliner on his eyes but still looking very cute!) and most importantly, I found that he has such deep and sexy voice. Okay, he took my breath away! T.O.P! ♥♥♥

With his existence, I watched the video! The video is great, the song is really astonishing and unexpectedly I love it although I don't know what are they actually singing. Now I finally know why la, it's not necessary to know the lyrics but knowing how to ENJOY THE MUSIC is the key to fall in love with the song!

Now, I think I just can't resist myself from listening to their songs every single day. Besides Fantastic Baby, I like Blue and Bad Boy too! Blue is so nice and sensational. Bad Boy is hip-hop like! And you know what, T.O.P is such a good rapper and his voice is really calm and solemn and oh whatever he's my new love. I even set his photo as my phone lock screen and home screen wallpaper! Teehee!

Sexy and dazzling eyes!

Boom Shakalaka!

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