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My favourite travel destinations.

We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.

Greetings! ♥
First semester of exam had been officially wrapped up today! Sat for Biology, PJK and Sivik papers today. Literally everyone had the "Oh yay say bye to exam" mood after our Biology paper ends because nobody would ever care for PJK and Sivik exams hahaha! Okay yes, finally a break off from this frantic week. I didn't plan for this holiday actually because we only have one week of holiday (I think it's not enough!) and most of my time will surely be occupied with tuition classes. Oh well, life is like that for this moment.

And sometimes I really hope to have a vacation to..um..Hong Kong again or Taiwan because I still haven't fulfilled my wish of visiting Jay Chou's MR.J Restaurant at Taiwan hehehe. I also would like to visit the Hello Kitty cafe in Taiwan!!!! Who is willing to sponsor this trip for me? Talking about vacation right, I'm always envious about my friends who can go travel often. See ah, one of my classmates is going to Japan this holiday!!! Oh well Japan is one of the most desirable countries that I would love to visit too!! Especially Tokyo oh dear or maybe Hokkaido because I wanna munch all the nice sushi there! And also I would really love to spend my time to enjoy their culture, experience their lifestyle and also check out their latest fashion trend!!!!!!!! I yearn for a lot, never be contented with what I have, I'm greedy and avaricious, call me Ms.Greedy. :P

Okay la, nobody would love to stay forever at home!! And people said "Seeing is believing" and of course you have to experience everything yourself to get the pleasure, excitement and I believe that we get to learn a lot too by traveling. If I were a millionaire, I would spend some of the money on traveling with my family. Seriously lol. Mummy suggested to travel to Japan either this year end right after my SPM or next year BUT WITH THE CONDITION of I have to pay for the air ticket with my salary........................(dafuq?)

She said, "You have begun your work so it's time for you to be independent on some expenses. It's like that for sure, you can't depend on us always!" Bitch lol !!!!! My mum is not this kind of stereotype mother lor! So jealous when my friends got sponsored trip from their family but I have to buy the air ticket myself hahahahah! However I think it's quite a good idea because first, I love Japan, secondly, I have to be independent and thirdly I will learn how to appreciate and cherish more. RIGHT OR NOT!! You know what, I still wish to go Tokyo Disneyland even though I'm already seventeen years old hahaha! And my mum always react like, "Disneyland is only for kids! You will regret if you enter because which aunty went there too and she said nothing's special there." BUT I want to take photos of those beautiful places there! I want to take photos with the castle......I wanna take photos with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto! I wanna see Buzz LightYear! LOL! For those who went to Tokyo Disneyland, is it a recommended place to be visited? Is it worth it ah?!?!?!

See, I'm aiming too high again. This wish will only be fulfilled after I faced my SPM exam this year end notwithstanding. Um, maybe I should start saving money first? :P

Last but not least, happy holidays people!


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