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Not a good blogger.

I don't think I'm a good blogger anymore. I remember how active I was in blogging last year and then I look at my blog posts this year. It's getting lesser and lesser....

I put the blame on myself because I think I'm super ignorant in time management. Now I'm sharing my daily life to you guys and you can comment about my daily life, just whatever you wanna say. Or please give me some motivations, quotes and everything that can enlighten me because now....I feel so melancholic.

Afternoon-Home. Lunch. Then maybe take a nap if I'm extremely tired.
Evening-I hate Monday because I have no time for nap and I have to go to tuition from 5.30pm to 10.30pm. It's really exhausting but whatever, SPM year. :/
Night-Normally after tuition I will just go to sleep instead of staying up late to do revision again.

Tuesday is slightly relaxed because after school, I don't have to attend any tuition but only piano class. After piano class, I will usually take a nap but recently, I will utilize the time to do Add Maths exercises. Ask me, "Not tired meh?" "How do you manage to skip your nap?" My answer will be: "I'm tired but I keep on reminding my mind that I would waste a lot of time if I take a nap...To avoid having naps, I will definitely put my earphones on and listen to music while I'm doing revision. That's the only way I can do.

Quite happy because Wednesday is also kinda relaxed because tuition only starts at 8pm. But then, I always feel that I don't have ample time to do revision...and insanely, whenever I have free time, I will do Add Maths exercises again. Okay now I should reflect myself already.....I think I spent too much time on Add Maths (because that is my weakest subject) and I almost neglect other subjects. Luckily I have tuition classes on other subjects otherwise I will fare badly.

After school, I will usually complete all my homework because I have free time in the afternoon. Then I will do revision on Chemistry and prepare for my tuition's test. FYI, my tutor is super serious in teaching one and he gives us test almost every week. Better don't fail his test because he would scold you if he is having a bad mood that day. LOL! But I don't hate him, I like his way of teaching which can push and help us to obtain greater results.

Friday is love. No wonder people call it TGIF. Free day with no hassles, no tuition, no pressure. Just a plain and simple relaxed day. Normally I would spend some time on checking my phone. Twitter, Instagram, Weibo are the apps I launch EVERY SINGLE DAY. I cannot live without them LOL. FYI, my Weibo account is only for checking what other posts, for example, fashion and trends. I usually don't post status on it. However you guys must know, I'm a Twitter addict. So better follow my Twitter to keep in touch with me. Okay besides online-ing, I also do revision of course. I think I've changed a lot because I study every day. EVERY DAY........Especially for Add Maths lol.

Saturday & Sunday.
I used to hang out on weekends last year but the schedule is entirely different this year as I started working now. Because of my job, I couldn't go for my girls' outing, I couldn't go for shopping, I couldn't go for hunting food with mummy or besties, I couldn't enjoy my pleasure time sleeping at home.....Sometimes I'm wondering, should I continue working or not......Now I know that, "Once you have got something valuable, you will lost something valuable at the same time too." It's like I work, I get paid but at the same time I don't have much time to enjoy. Weekends are supposed to relax but nope my weekends are fully occupied. And during exam week, my weekends are boosted with work and after work I would only have the few hours to do revision.

So that's my daily life. Whether it's boring or not, I'm trying to get used to it because this is life. And I don't know lah, I just feel that I need to work harder and put more effort in my studies because I wanna score straight A's in my SPM like how my seniors did it. FYI, there are 36 students who score straight A's in SPM last year. They work hard, a lot. That's what they supposed to get, they deserved it. Am I going to be one of them next year? I don't know.

My mind is so entangled.
I'm not sad nor happy. I'm....wao I'm indescribable.

P.S. Going to work although I'm having swollen eyelid.....wtf.

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