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Combine Boards' Gathering at MBS.

Hello people! Just reached home from work and I rushed here immediately to blog! Well today I'm gonna blog about the Combine Boards' Gathering at MBS which happened yesterday.

Event: Combine Boards' Gathering at MBS. 
Date: 20.4.2012 
Location: Methodist Boys' School .

Proud to be invited to their gathering, and I attended as one of the representatives from my school's prefectorial board. It's my first time visiting MBS. Before going to MBS, I was really anticipating and looking forward to this gathering as it's also my first time attending such gathering with students from different schools!

After school dismissed, our head prefect ah Hong gathered us and we set off our journey to MBS by taking public transport. Punctuality, is all you can see on my dear ah Hong as she's quite nervous and scared we would be late to the gathering and would give a bad image for others and so on. HAHAHA guess what! We were the first school to reach there!


The event didn't start on time but we had so much fun chit-chatting there and meeting new friends.

Team Connaught! Those with blue uniforms are prefects and yellow uniforms are librarians! :D

Hall with cooling air-conditioner!
The theme for the gathering: Ubi Concordia Ibi Victoria which means unity is strength or victory.
Free style and spot my funny face expression lol!!!
Opening ceremony by their head-mistress and VIPs.

First we have ice-breaking. They allocated groups for us according to the colour of the sweets we got under our chairs. Yes...the sweet was stuck under the chair and you have to hunt it yourself. However I can't find mine....being so awkward while everyone found their sweet but I was still finding my sweet nervously lol. Then one of their kind prefects quickly passed me a sweet. Well he rescued me lol!!!

The ice-breaking game is to help us to know and interact with each other. Of course we have to be active and friendly and try to approach to students from other schools. Found some really cute girls there and I should take a pic with them!!! One of the sad cases is, I'm really short. Standing among all the tall guys and girls make me feel............well ashamed. I feel like the people around me are like big sister and big brother to me lol. Some of them said being short looks younger! Is it true? Hahaha!

While watching their band performance. :p
With my dear juniors. Seeeeeee....I'm the shortest. T___T
After watching the performance, finally it's the most anticipated moment ----LUNCH TIME. All of us queued up to take our lunch. The food provided by them are spaghetti, spring rolls, curry puffs and orange juice. Well they are all my favourite food!!!! Ah Hong was quite amazed with my appetite that day because I ate a big plate of spaghetti with two spring rolls and two curry puffs. Yums!

Having a great lunch makes me feel energetic. Next, we played the war game! Before this, I was wondering should I go back home after lunch of play it because I don't really like playing water games, some more some girls agreed with me too. But after second thoughts, we decided to throw down the gauntlet and participate in the game. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

Walking on the field with bare-feet feels so freshhhh!! It's been ages since I last walked on the grass with my bare-feet!!!!! When I stepped on it right, I made noises like: Oh..Oh..Oh..It's so FRESH. And everyone laughed as they thought I would be moaning!!! HAHA!

War game was the most fascinating game we had for the day! We were divided into two big groups and we were required to protect our 'boxes' in our compound. Besides some of us had to go to our rival's compound to steal their boxes. The group with the most boxes in the end wins. A few people and I were the ones who 'protect' the boxes. And of course our rivals splashed buckets of water and threw water balloons to us!!!! Jesus I was all wet!!!! BUT IT WAS FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However I think they should announce which group wins lah because in the end we didn't know who is the winner.

All the participants of the day! SPOT ME!

Our dear ah Hong, receiving the souvenir.
MBS x Connaughtians.
All wet all wet all wet!!!
Although it was a bit boring in the beginning of the gathering, I believe all of us had a great time with them! Some more it's my last time joining these types of events already...will definitely miss it a lot!


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