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Love Life: Sunday

Say good bye to Sunday!

Quite satisfied with my performance during work today! Didn't feel really tired even though I performed without break time today and what I really did was ENJOY PLAYING THE PIANO!!! And I just treat the grand piano there as my own piano so I just performed #likeaboss. It feels awkward when people use their phone or video camera to record my performance...I mean I dunno whether should I look at the camera for a second or just ignore them lol.

Oh by the way, I was really thirsty during my work and I requested the waiter there for a glass of sky juice. Then I waited there for about 5 minutes but they seemed very busy doing their stuffs and I was quite disappointed and REALLY THIRSTY that time that I can drink all the water in the well. Uh, just exaggerating okay. What surprised me was:

Ice-blended coffee with ice-cream.


Then I reconfirmed with the waiter and asked stupidly: "Is this...Is this really for me?"

Then the waiter went to ask the manager and he nodded his head. And me, still with disbelieving thought, was feeling so touched because I used to think the new manager there is a bit arrogant, well he looks arrogant but he's so kind omg.

However, since mummy taught me not to take people's advantage, I refused to drink it. Now I regretted much lol. Actually I wanted to drink it, but it's time for me to continue my work. And it would take a lot of time for me to finish this drink because you know, I need to enjoy eating the ice-cream and drink the coffee slowly.....Well I really appreciated that. Feel really delighted being treated like one of them. At last, I being very kind-hearted *cough*, passed this drink to a random worker there hahahaha! Seriously, sky juice is the best to quench my thirst already.

After that, I went back to work, yeap joyfully. I think I should learn more Richard Clayderman's songs from now on! I'm also very glad that my friend came to visit me during my work. Some little things in life can actually give us an impact, a motivation and make us happy. No wonder people say the happiness of life is made up minute fractions.

Oh yea, mummy didn't follow me to work today, instead she went out with daddy. So my uncle dropped me at Mid Valley and I went to work and also have my lunch (alone at first). The feeling of eating alone sucks and people around you will stare at you as if you are a social outcast or what lol. But luckily my friend became my hero of the day as I requested him to accompany me for lunch. Yay I quite appreciate that. And happily I had my favourite Chuka Lidako and Salmon Don set.

After lunch it was already 4.10pm. Sushi Zanmai is always crowded. Wanted to do some shopping alone but I'm running out of time as my uncle was coming to fetch me already. Well it's okay!

Woots I guess I wrote pretty much today! Time for some photos otherwise you guys will feel boring for this post already!


Looks like I have applied eyeliner but it was just a effect of the filer. :D

Feeling great and very thankful for everything today. Life is wonderful! ♥♥♥

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