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Dress up for Spring & Summer!

Hi dolls! Haven't been feeling so relaxed for a couple of weeks already. I really love this kind of oh-so-peaceful mind right now where I have nothing to fret, just plain RELAX! Well I've decided to give myself just TWO DAYS of relaxing then back to struggling mood until I sit for my SPM!

Today, I'm not gonna post a single photo of mine because I bet you guys are bored with my look already. >< So why not some chio photos of ViVi models? Girls usually love spending their time reading magazines, like me. I loveeeeee VIVI Magazine where you can find the latest fashion trend, how you get to mix and match, how you get to pose like those models, etc!!!! By looking at the models right, YOU GET INSPIRATION GIRLS!!! Be inspired and get yourself dressed up!!!

Sharing some of the VIVI Magazine June's issue scans. 

June's issue!!!!!! Am I efficient enough!
Lena Fujii is my fashion icon, favourite VIVI model! She looks perfect in every angle! *envy* ♥♥♥
I love how she wears the bangles and bracelets!
This spring/summer is all about COLOUR. Pastel colours are definitely one of the latest trends recently!!! And look and the models with all the colourful bottoms!! I love how the girl wears the chic yellow mini skirt + the dope boots! Mad love.
P.S. I love boots! Especially Dr.Martens'! However I think due to our lovely tropical weather, I don't think it's suitable to wear here. But in Japan, YES IT'S AN ICON!!

This is my ultra-favourite page because as you can see there are PASTEL COLOURS!!! Mad love at the girl who wears a tank top with heart shape and bright pink jeans! I like the turquoise coloured jeans too!!! OMG I even love the dip-dyed shorts. I JUST LOVE ALL THE MIX & MATCH HERE!!!

Loving all these VIVI models as they still look tall without wearing high heels. Look at the model who wears Nike shoes and dress in blue. Damn isn't this combination looks damn pretty? Dress with Nike, ah so loved!! And take a look at the girl standing in the middle, I also love how she dressed up with the boots. *faints*
Sunglasses are also things that make you look cooler. Super love the one Lena wears!
Don't afraid of playing colours! See!!! Ragged pink or blue shorts are so attractive!

Spot the pink stripe dress with a love cutting! Isn't it lovely and casual?
Not forgetting the most feminine items of the year-LACES. White colour = Elegance. Agree with me?
Ahh I love their shoes! And their way of posing!!
So tempted to curl my hair because of seeing how beautiful these models are with wavy curly hair! Loving the bottom two hairstyle!
In a nutshell,
Spring/Summer looks are all about PLAYING WITH THE COLOURS or BE FEMININE WITH LACES!!! After blogging about this entry, my brain is requesting for a shopping nowwwww and hunt for all the pretty pastel coloured apparels!!! :P 

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