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Good bye Mid-term!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii loves!!! I'm very ecstatic right now because the long and dreadful mid-term exam is over!!!!!! *screams in elation* Holy freak. It was excruciatingly unbearable. (Well maybe this term is not suitable for some easy papers. :P) This post will be probably narrating HOW DID I FEEL during exam.

So for the first week of mid-term exam, we had most of the language subjects' tests, which I'm more confident with. I'm not saying that I score A for every of the language subject but there are at least better than Science subs lol. I do not practice writing essays every day, I usually "absorb" inspiration one day before the exam comes. For example, I will read some interesting essays which inspire me before exam. Well, for BM paper right, there are always topics like "How to overcome discipline problems", "What are the causes of discipline problems", "Gangsterism, give your opinion" and all other everyday issue!!!! So if you master the points, you can ALWAYS use it in exam. I dunno lah, this is my way hahaha!

For English, no inspiration, no good essay. Hence, I always hope for inspiration one. There are days when you look at the topic of the essay but your mind is just BLANK. Totally blank when you just can't think of anything to write. My place is a strategic corner place and I could just glance at the blue sky and wishing secretly for inspiration wtf. Imagine my look lollll, sitting at the corner, glancing over the sky and acting emo like that. LOL looks like I'm shooting for some music video. *Oh bitch please* Okay but I always thank God for all the inspirations! For this mid-term English paper, I wrote an essay entitled "Dreams". I didn't write a story about I had a weird dream or what because I think teacher would give very low marks one if I fail to fascinate her with my interesting story line. And FYI, a huge amount of my classmates chose the same title to write too!!! So, to be 'extraordinary', *coughs* I wrote about my dreams in life. I dunno if it's appropriate, let's just wait and see how my teacher thinks of it.

Then for Chinese, cool, I almost wanted to cry when I had NO INSPIRATION to write. There are titles like, "The feeling of being blissful' and urgh I can't recall lol. But I chose to write, "An experience which enables you to grow up". Wa, you didn't know how long I have looked upon the sky for inspiration, I squeezed my brain juice to mince. As you know, if you write something normal, you will get low marks eventually. I know teacher is bored about story like, "Oh I have grown up because that accident which happened on xxx" Ew accident again? Death again? But then I dunno why suddenly the inspiration came and I wrote about 6 pages of it. *Impossibru.....* But hey, writing as much as you can doesn't mean that you can score well. I acknowledged it okay but of course I hope teacher will like my essay!

Okay here comes pure Science subjects.
I'm never good at Science subjects, except I was in form 3. At least I score A for Science in PMR before!!! However I think the syllabus now is much difficult than PMR standard. I cannot hope for easy tests anymore!! If you force me to choose, Chemistry is my favourite among the three Science subjects. Not to say I score A for it again, I SELDOM SCORE A FOR SCIENCE SUBJECTS LA OKAY. I'm weak in these subjects. Sad. Biology paper was still okay lah this time, but the structure questions asking the locomotion of fishes just killed me lol. Sometimes I think it's funny that we have to study how plants carry out their photosynthesis process. I'm not a plant....or I don't even want to become a botanic. Don't get me wrong, I love plants. Without them, we will suffer from ozone depletion, extinction of the animal species and all. Okay why am I saying about this. Oh alright....urgh I just dunno why lah. I can accept when we learn how menstrual cycle is carried out as this happens on myself! My ambition WAS being a doctor. However I'm a bit afraid of it now because of biology hahahah!!! My brain cannot store so much of them!

Okay Chemistry paper was overall okay, hoping for attttt leasssttt an A- for it please. Here comes Physics, talking about Physics, I wanna cry! I just hate myself so much that I studied at the eleventh hour for it, I mean I only studied the day before it. As it is almost the last paper, I didn't prepare early for it. I always thought that I could have enough time to pore over it but hell no. Time slips away so fast that we didn't even realize it. Paper 2 was a ghastly disaster. Okay let me describe my feelings. When I got the paper right, I was like hell what's this....flipping it to the next page...same reaction....eventually I flipped to the last page and I realized I could barely know a single thing in it. Then, I saw my classmates are all moving their pencils and keep on writing on test paper already and me? Still squeezing brain juices very very very hard to find an answer. Okay at least I didn't leave my paper blank. I will never do that!!! No choice at that moment but just tried hard to answer the questions. Essay questions are worse, "Describe how an electric bell functions" Hey I just read it last night isn't it!!! But when the question comes, I was like "Er wait...how an electric bell functions already?" I was disappointed with myself. Probably I will disappoint my tutor too. AHHHH MISERABLE! Tell you guys something more, I even teared a lil' bit during the exam because that was the worst paper I ever had. And the feeling you get when everyone seems like answering very well but you, yourself stop there and thinking so hard but to no avail. You get what I mean?!?!?!?! Terrible. The feeling was just horrifying!!!! LOL I WILL NEVER STUDY LAST MINUTE FOR PHYSICS ANYMORE!!!!!

Okay I wanna give myself a round applause because after so much of hard work on Add maths, I think I'm able to answer more questions as compared to last monthly test. But I still hate the inadvertent mistakes I make. Hate how the mistakes occur without realizing it. I didn't hope for an A- for it, a B+ would just enough for me!!! Fingers crossed!!!!

K, right now I'm scrolling up and see how much I've written. Why did I write so much lol!!! I know many of you will not care what I wrote haha! But it's okay, the main motive I wrote this entry is to remind myself to strive harder in the upcoming exam! BECAUSE, LIFE IS A TOURNAMENT!

Last but not least, some pictures of me acting cool with my new shades. Sorry that I'm so in love with this pair of shades nowadays hahahaha!!!




Till next time! ;)

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