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I wanna be fit.

People say that I'm slim and thin. I agree, but I'm not FIT. I always love girls who have a fit body. A fit body doesn't mean that she has to look muscular or what. For me, a fit body looks like this:

Jessica Alba.

Look at her body! She looks really great and healthy! Her beautiful S-shaped body, beautiful thighs, firm muscles, a toned jawline, etc....Don't you feel like having this kind of fit body and you can just wear like this to a beach for summer parties?!?!

Random photo adopted from Google. Love her body too!
Starting from the early age of 16, I've been taking care of my body shape. Somehow I eat quite a lot but I'm the type who eats a lot but tend not to grow fatter. And according to the measuring chart, I'm underweight lol!! Mummy said that being skinny is not nice, being FIT is more important. So I purposely eat less in my meals, skip supper and all, trying to have a nice body shape. However, eating less will not give you a nice body shape!!!! Instead you will just look thin and have an unattractive body shape.

Of course, having a balanced diet in the right proportion will keep your body healthy and fit! Besides, REGULAR EXERCISE helps a lot!!!!! I'm the lazy type who dislikes to exercise. I seldom exercise one!! Sometimes I'm also lazy to wake up in the morning to jog with mummy in the park. I seldom play sports...not even basketball, badminton, ping pong or tennis....Sigh suddenly I feel like a failure because I'm so inactive in sports!!!!

Since it's the mid-term holiday right now, mummy asked me to join her for gym! She has joined since February because of my aunt and uncle. Aunty Mun and uncle joined gym earlier than her, at True Fitness, Sri Hartamas because that branch is nearer to their saloon. Because of holiday and my eagerness to have a fit body, I followed mummy for gym classes in the morning LOL.

I've joined for 3 days!
On Monday, running on the treadmill and Hatha Yoga. They have so many sports facilities there and you can do whatever you want!! Then I chose to run on the treadmill for 1 hour and go for Yoga class lol. Hatha Yoga was conducted by a lady named Eden. I love her because she's gentle in teaching and speaking. It was fun because I get to stretch my lazy body to the max lol!! Somehow I'm only a beginner so I think I couldn't do some movements accurately. But Eden taught and corrected me politely!!!! I like this type of trainer HAHAH.

On Wednesday, we went for the upper level of Yoga, named Ananda Yoga. It's actually for intermediate learners but mummy insisted me to go for it. It was conducted by a GUY. He wore tight singlet and tight pants which entirely showed his body shape lol. Ananda Yoga was definitely more difficult than Hatha Yoga. Correct way of breathing, stretching and movements are required. But this trainer didn't wait for you one, I feel like he was rushing for the lesson.

Today (Thursday), mummy said it's the most interesting class, which is the RMP, also known as cycling. I thought cycling class was the easiest but it wasn't!!! Initially I feel okay but I guess there's something wrong with my position or the bike. Then I feel really exhausted, stepping up and down the pedal of the bike. There are 7 tracks to play throughout the class. I feel like fainting already in the 2nd track wtf. I cannot catch up with them anymore and I was hyperventilating, inhaling and exhaling, trying to be relaxed.....because I feel like fainting!!!! Some more the class is slightly smaller than Yoga's class, so it was really packed! And I could hardly breathe..LOL. Wanted to exit the class initially but I told myself not to give up!! So step by step, I relaxed and joined them again!!! Proud of myself LOL!!

My muscles are all tensed up now!!!!!!!! So tired!!!!! Oh wait, I still haven't tried the BLT class...Should I? LOL!

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