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Topshop's Personal Shopping @Mid Valley


Hello all! How's your day? :D

Today I'm gonna blog about, okay needless to guess anymore as you can figure out what am I gonna blog today! So it's entirely about Topshop's personal shopping service at Mid Valley. FYI, I'm an avid fan of Topshop. I always love to shop and usually buy my apparels there! Ever since Mid Valley's Topshop has introduced this awesome personal shopping service and refurbished their store, it has become all the girls' new HEAVEN!!!! But this heaven would need a lot of your $$ lah if you wanna enjoy the "heavenly-goods" there!!


So what so special about this personal shopping service? 

Shoppers will have their VERY OWN changing room!!!! *no more queuing up to fitting room!*
Personal changing room provides you delectable cupcakes and drinks!!! LIKE A BOSS!!
Shoppers have PERSONAL SHOPPER who will find exactly what you want and satisfy all your needs! Just tell them what you intend to find and they will find a range of super nice clothes for you!!
Shoppers have an intrinsic knowledge of the brand and products. Trust their taste, they're just awesome!
PERSONAL SHOPPER is truly, very, ultimately friendly and they give you their most professional opinion and advice on your outfit!

So how can I get to enjoy this service?
IT'S EASY!!!!! To book an appointment, e-mail personalshopper@dnpclothing.com.my or call 03-2287 9319. And guess what? This personal shopping service is absolutely FOC!!!!!!!!!! HEAVENLY BEWITCHING FOR GIRLS!!!!

Describe your personal shopping experience? 
Listen. I didn't book an appointment for this service because I never thought it would be so awesome. Last night I went to Topshop @ Mid Valley initially just to pick up some awesome dresses there for my annual dinner. And I also noticed that there's a mini promotion exclusively for Topshop members and also Citibank card holders last night. Shoppers get to enjoy 20% discount for all the normal-priced items!!!! *overjoyed* Okay so I nagged mummy to shop with me last night. After we entered the store, we were busy finding outfits. Suddenly their staffs came to request a photo of mummy and I. And we got a free polaroid photo from them!!!! *elated* Then I showed some VIVI magazine photos to a personal shopper, Danver, and telling him that I wanted to find some apparels like that. I didn't know that he's a personal shopper at first. Danver is a really friendly person, he's so helpful! After he heard my requests, he was like: "Ahh, I get what you mean! Let me bring you into my personal room!" Our eyes widen. Then we followed him into the legendary personal shopping room!

I was like, "OMG IS THIS A VIP ROOM?!!?!?"

A range of clothes, absolutely fit for my size, were prepared for me to try on!!!!!! What's awesome is, Danver has already mixed and matched the outfit for me!!!! It's like you don't have to worry about what colour should mix with what colour, no more such hassles because we have our personal shopper!!!! Fabulous. Danver is really really nice (I know I repeated this many times but he's a really nice person!!!) He called me to enjoy and take my time to try all the clothes inside the room. Awesome shit. And he offered free polaroids, cupcakes and drinks for mummy and I. Why is he so nice!!!! Gonna show you some of the clothes he chose for me!

Feeling like a boss.
Polaroids taken by Danver.
Isn't this outfit cute????!!! I love how the crop top mix with the skirt. The crop top is exactly the same in the VIVI magazine right!!!! And Danver said it's a hot item, loved by Japanese!!
Next, this Pegasus silk-like top with a cute bottom! I love the belt! But mummy said that this short is too loose for me and I look like a pair of chopsticks. -___- But Danver said it looks nice on me lor!!!!
I absolutely love this bucket-like short!!!! If Danver didn't introduce this to me, I would never take a look on this type of short because I think it would look very weird!!! But it came out so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!! Danver said it looks awesome on me!! And also the wedges!!! 
Sorry for the shoes :X Ok next, 100% silk coral skirt! I LOVE THIS but this skirt is too expensive for me. It costs 300+ bucks if I'm not mistaken but it just looks so elegant, exquisite and classy!!
HAHAHAH HAPPY SHOPPING!! Bought 3 apparels but I'm not showing out in this post. Gonna surprise you guys next time hahahah! But I can tell you guys that I bought the wedges because I think it's suitable for every outfit!!
Personal shopping rocks! I've picked up dresses and tops, all chosen by Danver! Next time, I'm gonna book an appointment with Danver if I'm in a dilemma of what to choose in Topshop!!! Had a really enjoyable time with Danver, he gave a lot of valuable opinions about the latest trend for us! I LOVE TOPSHOP!!!!!♥♥♥♥ 

But at the same time, my wallet is crying already because I bought all the clothes with my own monthly salary!!!!! T___T  .HAVE TO WORK HARDER TO EARN MONEY AND BUY ALL THE PRETTY CLOTHES IN TOPSHOP!!!!

BYE!! :D 

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