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Oh hi it's me, probably the laziest blogger in the world. T___T No don't abandon me or my blog as I'm always trying to find some topics to blog about but to no avail. I accumulated thoughts in my mind but failed to express them out. What a blogger hates is probably when s/he is OUT OF WORDS. Correct me if I'm wrong! :P


So yesterday, there was a school education fair in my school. Only several universities are invited to come, namely, Taylor's University, Sunway College, TARC, Erican College, YES Academy, Adonis Academy and some make-up colleges lol.

Every dream starts with a dreamer. I would like to pursue my tertiary education in Taylor's University. I dunno what makes me so keen to Taylor's. When I saw the Taylor's booth, I was rushing there crazily and said to my friends that Taylor's is my optimal choice lol. And then I inquired some information from the nice girl in the booth about my future studies.

Initially I was VAGUE. Not definitely established and determined to anything yet. So the girl gave me a education guide to see a list of courses available. There was a quiz in the guidebook, and it tends to help you to choose the right path in your future studies based on your personalities. I took the quiz immediately after I got the book and the results said that I'm confident, enthusiastic, persuasive, optimistic and ambitious LOL. And those traits will make me a leader. Therefore, they suggest me to consider BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, FINANCE, MARKETING, SALES, REAL ESTATE AND AUDIT. Oh no I've never thought of indulging myself in business!! Never ever LLOL because I'm aiming for Pharmacy or Bioscience. Biomedicial Science sounds interesting to me but Biology is one of my weakest subjects now. So maybe I should choose Pharmacy?? More or less related to Chemistry?

I'm definitely not the kind of person who can draw or design very well. I love to dress up but I can't design anything. So design is so not my choice. Engineering is way too hard for me. Architecture, impossible lol!! Or I thought of studying LAW but they said it isn't that interesting and have lots of terms to memorize. z! But I shouldn't be over-panic over these things because what I have to do now is to study smart for SPM and of course the best is to score Straight A's lah so that I can apply for scholarship right. Oh yea, I have to be hardworking too on trials because u know what, we can apply scholarship using our trial examination results with the condition of getting at least 6A's!!!! *Now I got 7* muahahaha. BUT BUT BUT, I think trials would be much harder than my mid-year test or even SPM. So work hard ba Jessica Chaw!!!

P.S. Tomorrow will be my prefect's annual dinner and it's the last year for me to attend but screw it because I sense that I will be going to have swollen eyelid within these few days!!!! I can feel it!!!! Because I was infected and got the same kind of stupid swollen eyelid a few months ago and I can feel the same thing now. Quickly applied the ointment and hope it will be super effective on my eye! Please don't swell and give me a pair of pretty eyes to attend dinner tomorrow!!! *fingers crossed*

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