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A little bit of Carnival.

Well!! Pre-order for the punk headband has ended! Now I just have to be patient and wait for those pretty headbands to arrive! The headband is selling hot, thanks for everyone's support, especially Ashley, who helped me out so much! :D

Yesterday was school's carnival. Everyone was feeling enthusiastic over it! There were many stalls selling a variety of food and drinks. Not forgetting to mention about our school's big project such as Scout's Trail of Terror Haunted House, St.John's Undead Resilience Haunted House, Water maze like the Fallopian Tube (LOL AT THIS CREATIVE NAME!!!) and more!

I believe that the carnival was such a blast, very influencing and delightful as everyone got to involve in school's activity. I was helping out in my prefect's stall, selling hot dog and mini pizza! The food sold out really fast and the team had to be quick to bake new pizzas every second. I was the cashier, counting the innumerable amount of money (well, actually they are money in the form of COUPONS). How good if I own that amount of money! Well, I would like to say, it was a really good opportunity to strengthen our bonds by cooperating with each other and working as a team! Thanks for everyone's effort, I guess we already hit our budget and goal! Well done, prefects!

Before my duty, I went to queue for St.John's Undead Resilience. It didn't take long for my friends and I to queue, probably because we went there earlier. People said it was horrifying, so did their trailer. It really sounds scary so we accepted the challenge to enter this haunted house. To be frank, it wasn't really horrifying!!! Well, I get frightened at the beginning lah but in the middle, I feel funny more than feeling scary lol. There was no sound effect like ghost screaming or what and the room was filled with a beaming of light. LOL, quite fail to create the scary effect.

My biggest regret is not having the chance to play the rest of the games in the carnival due to my work at Mid Valley! Well maybe I should wait for the next carnival and come back to school after graduation.

Heading to school!

With Qian. :D

Here's our stall!!
Aiya it's time to get ready for work again!!! See you guys again bye!!

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