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New try on Freshkon's Contact Lens!

OMG HELLO!! I'm excited to blog about this because I'm gonna show you something new on me! You can already guess what am I going to blog about based on the title of this blog entry! Yes! It's about Freshkon's Colour Contact Lens! Whee!

I've never tried colour lens before because usually the branded ones, I mean like Freshkon's, Blincon's, Acuvue's, Bausch and Lomb's, etc are expensive! Plus, I cannot wear them to school. So I didn't dare to try it until I received a message from MaxisRewards! Maxis was giving special promotion for Maxis users and we can enjoy the privilege of buying Freshkon's Alluring Eyes' Series's Contact Lens at only RM38 per box!!!!!!!!!!! The normal price is RM68 one okay!! I was attracted with this promotion, hence I head to the nearest Focus Point (Optical shop) to look for my contact lens!!! I was given 3 choices of colours, namely, grey, brown or black. I chose brown for my first try!!

Can see my eyes became instantly bigger??? LOL!
Love it!
My degree of short-sightedness is no joke...
I love how it makes my eyes look naturally brown!! I'm so in love with it!!
And it appears really alluring and magically pretty in photos!
Another advantage of Freshkon's lens is it's very moist and keep your eyes comfortable all day long! Seriously! I've wore it from morning till night and it still remains moist in my eyes! Unexpectedly, it's even more comfortable to wear as compared to my transparent lens from Cibavision!

Thanks MaxisRewards for giving me such great opportunity to try on Freshkon's colour lens!!!! I never knew it looks so good on me HAHAHHA. Okay just joking.....:P

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