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Something about friendship


As promised in my previous entry, I promised to blog something on "Friendship". Everything I said is only my personal opinion. I have no hidden messages to anyone out there alright? :D

Well let me ask you a simple question:"How many true-heart friends do you have?" One, two, or maybe none? Well I don't need your answer, just ask yourself. I have a huge circle of friends, I can get along with them well but rarely and sadly I think I don't have many true-heart friends who truly have faith, loyal and be really nice to me. I think it's better to have QUALITY friends who will be by your side whenever you need them instead of having those friends who run away whenever you're in trouble. Right?

I dunno what's happening in this universe. People are getting more pretentious. We can't even know or guess that what he/she is thinking. They can get very flexible in pretending, in being double-faced.

For example,
You have a friend who calls you BABE all the time, s/he can chit-chat with you, hang out with you, laugh with you and make you believe that s/he is really one of your true-heart friends. But you dunno what are they doing behind you. Who knows that after you left, s/he can 180degree change to another personality and criticize you, back-stab you and discriminate you! WHO KNOWS.Well..you can say that maybe I think too much and shouldn't care too much. But remember you have to protect yourself and do not trust anyone too easily because you will never know when they will harm you. The terrible thing is, when friend A says something bad about friend B to you and at the same time, friend B also gossips about friend A with you and at last friend A and friend B gossip about YOU behind. Sounds complicated but this is really getting complicated LOL. What a scary world..

Duo-personality. Oh this really disgusts me. One of the things I dislike is duplicitous "friends". These people can really act, dramatically. They will say something which really pleases you like, "Hey I like your make-up!, Hey I like your dress, Hey I like your hair!" BUT, behind you they will criticize you with others and say something like, "Bitch please, actually her make-up sucks lor, actually she looks fake lor, actually she does not look nice with that dress lor, she looks old lor." GRRRRRR. Anyone here feels the same as me right now? Hahaha! I also hate it when someone says:"I dislike his/her attitude." but actually him/herself is having that same kind of attitude too. I also find it funny when someone says, "Do not judge others" but him/herself is actually judging others every day. What do you think? Funny, ironic..?

I actually prefer those who call a spade a spade, which means they are really straightforward in giving opinions. But I will certainly make sure I won't be mad over their opinions lah. Haters sometimes are good because they at least do not be pretentious LOL but don't attack me! :P Okay haters can be categorized into two groups, one group of them may be really hate your attitude or what, another group may be just JEALOUS of what you have.

There, my point is, do you have a friend who tends to be a green-eyed monster? (A person who tends to jealous easily) You know what....a little bit of jealousy is..um preferable. However when jealousy develops, it will slowly help you to create a chaotic thinking and make you feel the hatred towards that person. I dunno whether my friends around me is like that. I really couldn't be able to determine. Girls are sometimes really complicated I know haha. That's why some girls are likely to befriend with guys because guys tend to have lesser problems on this issue right. Girls can be really dramatic.

If you're having a true-heart friend right now, remember to cherish and appreciate them. True-heart friends are actually angels God sent to us. Please do not take their care, their love, their trust for you as granted. And remember, don't do unto others when you don't want others do unto you. Well I still have a lot on my mind but it's time for me to meet my dear Biology! I will blog as soon as possible if I have time again!

Thanks for reading! Love ya! ♥♥

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