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Take a break, go to shop!

My Monday was usually extremely busy and pack with hours of tuition classes but hell yeah, my tutor has announced that he won't be around yesterday (Monday). Then my entire afternoon would be super hassle-free from tuition classes!

Waking up with Monday blues but going out to Pavilion for shopping instantly killed my Monday blues! After school, I nagged mummy to go Pavilion with me, just to satisfy my "hunger" for shopping. Not sure whether mummy wanted to shop too or she was in a good mood, she immediately agreed with my plan. Yay mummy I love you!!

Right after school, I dressed up myself and get ready for shopping.

Outfit for the day, Topshop leopard sweater, Zara crotchet lace short, Sandals from FlipFlop and bag from you know it lol.

Damnnn I kinda miss my bangs or side fringe. Now my fringe is damn long and I'm forced to do centre-parting!! I know...I don't really look good in centre-parting..T__T I always tied my fringe up in school, because of that I can't have bangs or short side fringe! Well, I'm gonna have a hair cut and maybe add some little curls or dye some purple highlights to my hair RIGHT AFTER SPM!!!

In Sushi Zanmai with dear mummy.
Went to Topshop to grab some new clothes since it's having sales now. However, some items are already out of my size! Besides, my job is the major problem as before I buy any clothes, I would have to think whether the shirts I bought is suitable for my job or not. Mummy always scolds me for buying unnecessary clothes and shorts which are so not suitable for my job! Mum, girls are like that! T_T You know right, I can't wear super shorts during work, I can't wear too sexy or too casual to work. That's why I can't really buy new clothes for myself recently. All I can buy is long-sleeved blouse, skirts, pants or dresses which can show maturity and elegance. *LOL PUKE RAINBOWS!!* But dear Topshop's trend is all about chic and playful now. I can't even wear pastel colour jeans to work I guess LOL.

Tried on this set of outfit. Damnn in love with the heart crop top but mummy advised me not to buy. T____T
Aztec print!! 
And this blink blink mini skirt!! Damn pretty right. T_T

People ask why my skin is so smooth in this pic!! Because I have a good skin. :P Okay lah, another reason is because of Camera360's filer!! Don't say I don't share good things to you. :3

Guess what. I bought none of them HAHAHA. Good girl lor because I can save my money but not until I spotted this.

Studded flat pumps!!!
Actually I've spotted it in Mid Valley but there is no size 3 for me. I used to wear size 4 or 5 but dunno why Topshop's shoes are bigger. Damnnn this pair of shoes is seriously what I yearn for. Studded. Flat pumps. Rock and Roll!! So without second thoughts I bought it LOL because the girl said it's the last pair and doesn't available in Mid Valley or KLCC. Seek advice from mummy but she said: "If you like, you buy lah, since you use your own money!" WELL, I knew it. It's okay to buy things to pamper myself once in awhile right. :P

I swear that this is the MOST comfortable flats I've ever worn!!! I tried to walk on it right after I bought. (OK too desperate to wear lol!!) I didn't feel ANY PAIN at all!! No scratches, no pain, just comfortable to wear!! Worth the price too hehehe! 

I would like to say,
my work really benefits me a lot. Besides improving my piano skills, I get to earn money all by myself. I also feel proud because I don't have to pester my parents for money to buy anything I want. Starting from January, I never pester them to buy anything for me. (Except tuition fees and phone bills lah hahahaha)

To you, 
who spent parents' money on luxurious items to impress people...
please don't feel proud even though you own them. So what if you own them? :) 

Ok! The end of this post! kthxbai!! :D

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